Wilmington Island beautification gone awry, just do it right.

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Concord Road Drainage Improvements
"This project proposes to replace the existing ditch along Concord Road with a new, piped drainage system."

What they did not tell us is that the down stream ditches will be expanded encroaching on residential properties and destroying what has become wetlands without concern for environmental impact or aesthetics.

For additional details on the project click on the following link:


My primary concern is that while improving one section along Concorde the same project will be widening and deepening the ditches along Walthour Road from Concorde Road to the tide gate at Betz Creek exasperating existing issues with the Walthour Rd ditch such as stagnant water, trash, mosquito breeding, etc.


Currently the project scope entails laying pipe in the drainage ditch along Concorde passing under Walthour Road dumping into the drainage ditch on the east side of Walthour Road. The Walthour Rd. ditch will deepened and widened, replacing the culvert under the entrance to Betz Creek Plantation and the culvert/tidegate at Betz Creek (entrance to Offshore). This entails a lot of work; stripping the ditch of all the vegetation, trees, hedgerows,rerouting traffic during the work, temporary bridge will be needed at the entrances to Betz Creek Plantation and Offshore neighborhood ‘s, with little to no benefit to the Walthour Rd ditch, in the end the Walthour Road ditch will resemble what the Concorde Road ditch looked like before the Project.

My proposal is that this project should be expanded to piping the drainage along Walthour Road as just like the Concorde Road ditch, for the same reasons the county is filling that ditch. This is from the entrance of River Oaks to the tide gate at Betz Creek. The ditch should be replaced with a properly landscaped walking paths, If we really wanted beautification we would bury the utility’s in these ditches, but of course this would put the tree scalpers out of work..

What I propose is to simply extend the culvert at Betz Creek Plantation, essentially filling in the Walthour Rd. ditch, linking the pipe coming out from under the entrance of River Oaks to the tide gate at Betz Creek. A little extra effort will go a long way towards reducing the Mosquito population, as the entire length of both ditches retain stagnant water between rains, not just the Concorde ditch.

Our ultimate goal is to either do it right, at least some resemblance of what I have described above or don’t do the Walthour Road portion of the project at all. 

Regardless of the County’s decision, their plan should include  and environmental impact study, wildlife impact mitigation and landscaping (artist rendering would be nice, after all it is a beautification project)

Please sign this Petition if you would like to see Wilmington Island beautification done in an environmentally friendly way.  Thankyou for your support! 

Jeff & Pilar

Offshore, Wilmington Island, GA

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