Ban cell phone use during lunch at Lancaster Middle School

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Attention Lancaster Families:
As many of you are aware, Lancaster Middle School allows cell phone use in school during lunch and when used for educational purposes during class time. They have blocks on wifi to ensure harmful sites are avoided and only allow students to play games on cell phones at lunch. Students are not allowed on social media during this time.

You may be unaware that many middle school students have cell service, therefore bypassing any safety measures set with school wifi. Also, not all students with cell service have parental blocks set on their phones or parental phone monitoring. This means that your children are at risk and may be exposed to inappropriate materials.

Some parents in the district have reported instances of children being exposed to graphic pornography as well as circulating pictures of other students. Students are also subject to social media bullying. The reality of monitoring what students are looking at on phones is nearly impossible. By the time a monitor comes over, they are already clicked off the site. Monitoring if students have a cell phone is much easier. I’m not naïve to the fact that students would still find ways to look at these things, but cutting down the risk is absolutely necessary.

Our children are being exposed to these things and are not always reporting them or telling an adult. When they do report it, they often do not fit criteria for an investigation or DASA report and honesty the damage was already done.

While it may be convenient for students to have cell phones during lunch so that parents can communicate with thier children about after school plans, I believe that cutting down the risk of children being exposed to these types of media outweighs this convenience. I would much rather contact them after school or call the school for sport info and have my children safer when at school. We as parents do our best to protect our children at home and the school should be taking the highest measures to protect them while they are at school.

Please sign my petition to ban cell phones during lunch at Lancaster Middle School. Districts such as Williamsville, Grand Island, Maryvale already have this policy in place. Let’s be proactive in protecting our children instead of reactive.