Point Boro Senior Lot

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We as students and parents strongly disagree with the decision to change the senior parking policy. For years there has been a raffle to assign parking spots to seniors, one each semester. Us as seniors have been looking forward to possibly being drawn to win a parking spot for a semester but to change the way the school goes about this was  unnecessary. There is no reason to be handing out parking permits to anyone who handed in an application, taking $10 from us and not  guaranteeing any student a parking spot. As parents there is safety concerns that students will be racing to the parking lot trying to get a spot before another student takes it. We feel that the assigned parking is a safer and better option for our children. We understand that this new rule is making students come to school earlier because they all want a spot, and is also dropping the amount of lates in the school, but this is not fair. If you want to give every student a permit, why take our money then. We aren't just fighting this for the Class of 2018, but we are fighting this for every graduating class that walks through the halls. 

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