Do not merge TRS party or ally with Congress

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Please do not merge TRS party or ally with Congress.No doubt, TRS party was formed with the sole aim of acheiving statehood to Telangana but merely getting a statehood is not the end initself.It is only a means to acheive larger goals of Self-Identity,development and welfare of the people.The real task ahead is to reap the benefits of this statehood by way of safeguarding the interests of over 40 million people of Telangana who are eagerly waiting for their dreams which they have been seeing since the past 60 years to be realised.What can we acheive if we lose our political identity and face even before the state is formed?

TRS stands for the welfare of people of Telangana but Congress has to accomodate the interests of Seemandhra region.

We dont want our new state to be ruled by the same old Congress leaders who did nothing except paying lip service to the cause of  Telangana movement and also did chamchagiri to the ruling CM and are now worried that they can not win their seats without the support of TRS.They will no doubt fall prey to the wealth of Semmandhra crony capitalists at the cost of Telangana 

We want our state to be ruled by 'our own party' like the TRS which can protect the identity and interests of our people just like the Dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu.

KCR can deliver the promises made by him only if he remains independent.Look what happened to Chiranjeevi.

When all the opinion polls suggest that TRS party on its own strenghth can win 13 MP seats and over 70 MLA seats in 2014 General Elections,what is the need to merge or ally with Congess whose popularity is on the decline day by day.

TRS party with a good number of MP seats can become part of next Government at the centre and extract huge benefits for Telangana state like special category status,etc.

Remember, KCR never promised that he will unconditionally merge TRS party with Congress once the state is announced.He only offered to merge TRS if the Congress thinks that creation of Telangana will only be credited to the TRS.

The delay in formation of Telangana by Congress even after over 1000 suicides and the double speak of BJP many times reinforce my point that we can no longer depend on 'other' parties to get our voice heard.Three idiots Jagan babu,Chandrababu and Kiran babu with their Seemeandhra regional parties will always try to get maximum benefits and concessions like sharing Water resources,etc to Seemandhra region at the cost of Telangana.

Thus, without TRS party, Telangana will become politically handicapped.

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