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Please, help stop eviction action of a disabled person living in an inhabitable apartment

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Hello  My name is Mercedes Kim  I live at  9601 Fontainebleau Blvd  Apt. 108  Miami Fl  33172  At the Fountaineblau Milton rental complex .  I have been living with bed bugs for the past six months  I notifpsst Maintenance Department as soon as I found out about the infestation in October of 2015.  Pest control at the Miltons is ill equipped to deal with the sort of infestation I do have at home .  Pest control has made a feeble attempt to fumigate about 3 or 4 times, weeks apart by personnel who are not trained to treat bed bugs appropriately.  Finally, about two months ago, I was informed that pest control will not fumigate anymore because they could not detect any adult bed bugs in the apartment and the pesticides cost too much .  Anyone knows that only bed bugs adults are visible to the naked eye. The other stages of development what I call the babies or nymphs in scientific terms do feed on human blood as well as their parents and they are so tiny they are hardly undetectable to the naked eye . Still they bite relentlessly .  I begged the Milton administration to keep fumigating until I could move out . It did not happen. Instead, I was offered to be relieved from my lease contract that ends up in October 2016.  I did ask to be compensated for all of my material losses and my physical and emotional suffering over the past few months  The answer to  my request was  "We will proceed with eviction in court and you will be responsible for all legal fees. For 5 consecutive  years I have paid my rent on a timely manner without ever defaulting on it . I do not have the funds to pay this month's rent nor do I think is fair that I have to lose all of my possessions, lose thousands of dollars because Fountainebleau Milton, who is responsible to keep rental units habitable has failed blatantly to keep the  law.  I am a severely disabled person. I do suffer from a slew of medical issues.  Some are very serious. I do live alone and on a limited income.  I have endured bed bugs bites for about 6 months on a daily basis . Every day. Every single day I suffer from bites  I do not have the funds to afford this month rent nor do I think is fair I have to pay 1500.00 for a grossly bed bugs infested apartment.  I have to move out and leave behind thousands of dollars in material possessions and valuable personal items such as my hearing aid that cost over $2000.00 I have invested money I can't afford on bed bugs mattresses covers, bed bugs sprays, bed interceptors , dry cleaners services to disinfest my clothes ,  I have hired proffesional cleaning services  Carpet cleaning services  Soent countles money On site laundry services  And much more on cleaning supplies  I did call the Orkins company for an evaluation of my apartment and they declined to come by because the procedure to eradicate bed bugs in buildings consist in treating the infested apartment, the adjacent ones, the ones above and below. Landlord is supposed to take care of those services not the tenant .  I hold Fontainebleau Milton  properties responsible of   Gross negligence in the failure of their duties as realtor owners  They should have paid for a hotel for me to stay in while they removed the wall to wall carpet  They should have contacted a Pest control company that specializes in bed bugs infestations. As I stated above the Pest control at the Miltons is ill equipped to perform this task  The whole apartment must have been treated by heat with Special equipment  Fumigation must have been consistent and With the use of appropriate pesticides  The cracks must have been sealed  DE dust should have been spread on the perimeters  All outlets plaques must have been removed and treated  All of these measures must have been enforced while I stayed out of the apartment 6 months ago upon discovery of the plague. The neighbors units must have been inspected and treated accordingly .  None of this did take place . The negligence in this case is impossible to ignore .. My infestation was not contained in my bedroom . It is well detected in the whole apartment . I must notice at this point that I have not traveled anywhere outside of my city for the past 5 years. In fact, I have spent the last 2 years mostly home bound and bed ridden. After 6 months of living off trash bags and having endured up to 40 bites every day , my nerves are shattered and my health has been hugely impacted by the continuous stress  My asthma,  Migraines , ibs flare ups are constant .  I have not been able to use my Compression pump  for my leg lymphedema nor my nebulizer for asthma for 6 months.  My pump is a vital part of my daily treatment to contain my lymphedema from developing into serious complications and to abate my chronic leg pain.  Undoubtedly, the more impacting repercussions of this ordeal in my life is the forced isolation I have been condemned to sustain in order to not contaminate other people and places .  I have not been able to see my children, embrace them , kiss them and share with them because of this plague .  I missed thanksgiving, Christmas,  new years,  birthdays celebrations for the past 6 months. I live like an outcast . No one can visit me.  I could not move any sooner because I had a lease. When I was released from it two months ago it was too late. The damage is unsurmountable at this pointo . I cannot afford to spend one more cent in this property. It is totally unfair in addition .  The Fountainebleau  Milton administration's  negligence and irresponsible  behavior does not only affect me personally but the whole community where I live as well.  All of my neighbors are exposed to  possible infestation every time I use the laundry facilties on site , or visit the mini market or the main office . Not to mention the neighbors living right next to me .  Every time I visit a doctor's office , a grocery store,  a pharmacy , a retail store I am contributing to the spreading of these critters to possible hundreds of more families and businesses  Why is Fountainebleau Milton doing a sub par job regarding its obligation toward its tenants, its employees and the community we live in ?  I was informed that the eviction process will start today April 7th, 2016 I beg you to help me . I request that the Milton administration owns up to its responsibility as a realtor business and do abide by the law.  This building must be treated for bed bugs or condemned until it is bed bugs free  I should be compensated financially for all of my losses and sufferings Please,  do help me to bring justice to our community and to myself  Thank you  Mercedes Kim  PS. I am running out of time as I plan to move very soon I can't live in these conditions any longer  Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

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