Eritrean-Europeans Against the Groundless and Unjust Accusations/Sanctions against Eritrea

Eritrean-Europeans Against the Groundless and Unjust Accusations/Sanctions against Eritrea

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Theodros Mehari started this petition to Mr. Josep Borrel Fontelles, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Dear Mr. Josep Borrel Fontelles,

We, naturalized European citizens of Eritrean ancestry and other Eritreans in Europe at large, are writing to express concern at the EU's incessant campaign of using uncorroborated evidence to level accusations against Eritrea. This is not professional or representative of such a respected institution.

For many years and to date, there has been a relentless disinformation campaign against Eritrea intended to destabilise and provide discord in the Horn of Africa.

Examples of this include the EU's:

  • Unjust and illegal sanctions against Eritrea where NO evidence was found.
  • As guarantor of the 2000 Algiers Peace Agreement, its failure to call TPLF to account in its violation of international law and the Algiers Peace Agreement obligations, which thus allowed the TPLF to occupy sovereign Eritrean territories for 17 years unabated. Instead, the EU gave its full financial, political, and diplomatic support through the whole period to the TPLF regime of Ethiopia.
  • Contrary to the Geneva-based UN Human Right Council's impartiality and non­country specific approach, EU and its Member States have been supporting country specific and politically motivated and unsubstantiated reports of the Special Rapporteur and subsequent resolutions based on unfounded allegations against Eritrea. The EU and its Member States' recent stand against Eritrea at the 46th Session of the UNHRC is a case in point.

In addition, it would be an oversimplification if we put it to Your Excellency that we are profoundly disappointed with the trajectory of the European Union's engagement with Eritrea. As a young nation, Eritrea deserves an era of cooperation rather than confrontation because it has been fully engaged in its nation building endeavour, its fight against covid19, striving to improve the lives of ALL its people (especially after decades of devastating wars for independence), persistent and unjust sanctions against it and its difficult 30 years as a sovereign state to protect its existence and integrity.

Your Excellency, at this point in time we are all observing/witnessing the dynamic rapprochement between Eritrea & Ethiopia and the peace process which required efforts from both President Issaias Afewerki and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. This relationship of trust between the leaders of these two countries ushered in a new and fresh wind of hope and peace for the entire Horn of Africa region.

Unfortunately, the ruinous and divisive policies implemented by the TPLF during its 27 years in power in Ethiopia generated the current regressive crises in the region - a serious setback to peace & development.

Your Excellency, it is ironic that a country which strongly believes in fully shouldering responsibility for its socioeconomic development while welcoming partnerships based on mutual cooperative development and a country that resolutely works for peaceful neighbourly co-existence has instead faced countless uncivilised and falsified smear campaigns and accusations.

To our great dismay, in its recent conclusion on Ethiopia of 11 March 2021, the EU Council, once again repeated its outrageous accusation against Eritrea by implicating it in the northern Ethiopia law enforcement campaign - this time around, in a blatant attempt to absolve the TPLF from its egregious actions. No mention or condemnation was provided in the six-page document on TPLF crimes against the federal army of Ethiopia and the people of Tigray as well as the destruction of properties and institutions.

The TPLF must be held to account for the declaration of war on Eritrea by firing rockets targeting the capital Asmara; with its nefarious intention of regionalizing the war. It was only Eritrea's restraint and wisdom that staved off a full blown war.

We appreciate your initiative of sending an envoy to the HOA region, but we are extremely disappointed and confused as to why you side-lined Eritrea during your envoy's mission to the region. Isolating Eritrea does not serve any conceivable purpose. An honest, sincere, and inclusive diplomatic drive is what this crisis requires.

We request Your Excellency to address the serious concerns in this regard. We am also confident that Your Excellency would appreciate maintaining a productive relationship with the State of Eritrea to improve the living conditions of the people. We believe Your Excellency will reconsider your actions and to drive inclusive engagement involving all countries of the region including Eritrea as the best workable alternative and as the most effective and constructive diplomatic move to alleviate the devastation the region faces otherwise.

It is also our anticipation that Your Excellency will rely on an accurate assessment of why and how the situation in the region we see today unravelled and as you continue to work for peace, security, and economic development in the Horn region.

Hence, We kindly request you to:

  1. Stop scapegoating Eritrea for all the heinous crimes committed by the TPLF and other regional problems.
  2. Refrain from taking further hasty decisions based on unverified allegations.
  3. Engage with Eritrea on regional issues for lasting peace in the HoA.
  4. Stop absolving TPLF's unpardonable crimes.
  5. Accept that absolving TPLF culpability is not acceptable.
  6. Refrain from imposing any kind of sanctions on Eritrea that will once again thwart the hope and opportunity for a new beginning after the 2018 Asmara Peace and Friendship Accord between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

In conclusion, we sincerely believe that bilateral and multilateral partnership in addressing issues of common concern is best served by constructive dialogue and NOT through politicization, double standards, sanctions and stigmatization.


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