Get my school's 8th grade communications restored!

Get my school's 8th grade communications restored!

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Cameron Dragon started this petition to my school's principle

The teachers took away my grades google chats!

I go to a small private school in Hopkinton, NH. We have grades 5th-8th and a total of 50 students max. My grade is the biggest, with a total of 15 students this year. We're in 8th grade so we're graduating at the end of this year. 

A lot of us live in different towns, and we know we're not all going to end up at the same high school. But we're really close. And we want to be able to stay in touch. 

Last year due to Covid-19 some of my classmates were struggling in school. Not just grade wise, but their behavior wasn't the best.

At our school we have to different grades. Learning outcome grade (LOG) and learning process grade (LPG). LOG is our actual grades. LPG is are behavior, are we allowing others to learn, are we ready to learn, are we trying to learn, stuff like that.

So basically during Covid a lot of our class's LPG grades dropped significantly. 

Also we have school accounts and some of us aren't allowed to have any other accounts. These school accounts are our only way to communicate with each other. 

Our principle looked at our google chat history and noticed a lot of messages during classes. However he did not read any of our messages. If he had he would have noticed that when we messaged during classes it was usually when we were remote. A teacher would say something like "Get into pairs" and we would message each other about the assignment. 

A few students were misusing the chat. They would spam it during classes. But most of us respected the chat. 

Our principle decided to take away our chats. And here's the thing. The kids with low LPG grades, there LPG grades were raised as soon as the chats went away. 

But some of us just found it harder. We couldn't communicate with each other during classes any more (even when we were in person we might be across the room form each other and be paired up so we used google chats). 

We have brought this up to our principle a few times, but he hasn't changed anything. 

Over the summer we struggled to communicate using Gmail due to the fact that there are a lot of us and once enough people respond to something it stops being an option to respond to everyone and people start just responding to one person be accident. 

Now a new school year has started and we still don't have our chats back.

Please sign this to help us get our chats back.

Thank you. 

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