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School Based Stores to cease Over Pricing

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Nueva Ecija High School is commonly known as one of the biggest Public Schools in Cabanatuan City, serving the youth with a free education system given by the government. Some of the parents enrolled their children to a public school to lessen their expenses with regards to their education and for Practicality, this being said the parents expect that they won’t need to put a bigger budget for their children’s allowance since it is a public school, however charging the students more money for an affordable meal doesn’t sound good; also school canteens mostly charge a bigger amount for a small portion of food.

According to the DepEd Order no. 13 s. 2017, Department of Education issues the enclosed policy and guidelines on Healthy food and beverage choices in schools and in DepEd Offices, in this case I applaud the Department of Education for this kind of action, despite the fact that our School is imposing this action, they also charge a larger amount compare to the portion they are serving. For example DOH released a color coded guide to categorize the foods that school stores should serve ad what not to, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches and rice porridge are one of the yellow category where it should be severed carefully, for a bowl full of rice porridge it will cost you 15 pesos, however if you want an egg with it you will have to add another 10 pesos for it, this just shows that the school stores are following the order, but charging more.

This petition’s objective is not to terrorize or provoke the school store’s management, but to put  more consideration to the student consumers.

Service should be the main consideration for operating a school based store. Profit shall only be secondary since the clienteles are the students who are dependent only on their meager allowance from their parents.

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