Chisholm Catholic College : Stop the inequality and Change your "Hair Standard Policy"

Chisholm Catholic College : Stop the inequality and Change your "Hair Standard Policy"

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Todd Zani started this petition to John Bormolini (Chisholm Catholic College)

30 years and it's time for change

Chisholm Catholic College has an outdated, discriminatory and gender biased, hair policy BUT this policy can be changed by the Principal, Mr John Bormolini.

What's the policy? Why the inequality?

At present, female students can have either short or long hair and if need be it is kept in place with pins/combs, and tied back off the face using College ribbons, scrunchies or elastic bands.

Boys on the other hand, have to have short hair. Hair is NOT permitted below the top of the collar.  Cuts shorter than a number "3" are not permitted and this is the absolute minimum length.  Short hair length must be blended.  Sideburns are no lower than the top of the ear lobe and to be of normal length.  Fringes must not be lower than the eyebrows.

Is it Discriminatory?

In Australia, it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of a number of protected attributes including age, disability, race, intersex status, gender identity and sexual orientation, including education.

The Sex Discrimination Act 1984 gives effect to Australia's international human rights obligations and promotes equality between women and men.

Chisholm is behind the times.  Most schools and almost all other prominent Catholic Colleges have changed their policy BUT Chisholm has not.

The boys at Chisholm all want to grow their hair and a large number of boys are growing "curtains" which are arguably a worse look than if boys had some of the same options available to them as the girls, namely tying their hair back!

Boys that have hair below the collar are sent home and made to cut their hair.  I was made to serve an in school detention on Friday and was not able to attend any classes and will be expected to keep doing in school detentions until I cut my hair!  I may even be expelled!

The values of Chisholm are Character, Learning and Compassion

The Colleges character values suggests the college will enhance the strength of qualities within an individual that determines how they think, feel and behave.  

Further, the College vision suggests it celebrates a diverse community and we aspire for our students to connect both locally and globally and serve as agents of change who work for the common good in transforming society for the better.

Chisholm is one of the largest Catholic high schools in Perth with approximately 2,000 students in years 7 through to 12.

This is our chance to make that change and transform the policy for the better!

What can you do?

Help me and "my brothers" make the change.  A number of boys will be joining me this week, including my brother and my parents have an appointment with Mr Bormolini to discuss this policy in more detail.

I acknowledge that hair standards are set for the student's health and safety and enhancement of their appearance and the avoidance of excessive display BUT the Catholic Church and Catholic Education System has far more pressing matters to deal with then insisting on boys having short hair.  This year, as part of the Plenary Council 2020, we have a voice and the Church is supposed to be listening to our views and making changes to bring people back to the Catholic faith.

Help me make the change. 

I have the support of a lot of students whom are going to sign this petition.  With your valued support and the support from my fellow students, parents, siblings, teachers (if they dare sign instead of voicing verbal support?) and others in the community, I am sure that the Principal, whom can make the change, will make the change.

Lets be true to the Chisholm vision which includes celebrating our diverse community.  We posses the potential for excellence.

Lets make the change, together!

Thank you for reading and please sign my petition to add your support.

Cohen Zani


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!