Re-open Camping at the Reedybrook Stock Route to the Public

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The Stock Route Network has for over 105 years served the Australian Public and Pastoralists as a resource to facilitate the movement of stock, agistment as well as  public cultural and recreational use. The most recent review of the Stock Route Management Bill 2016 (link) upheld the right of the public to access this land for camping, despite submissions by pastoralists to close this resource to the public.

The Reedybrook Stock Route Reserve is a section of the Stock Route Network along the upper Burdekin River at the Lava Plains-Mount Fox Road crossing, the area has a long history of camping by local North Queenslanders and is well kept and cared for. (link)

On April 23rd, the Charters Towers Regional Council posted on social media that the area was now closed to camping by the public (link). Despite questions to review the decision, Charters Towers Regional Council have ignored requests by the public to return access for camping to the public and have now erected a notice on the site (link). The Councils own Stock Route Management Plan (link) notes that "The SRN also supports a range of other activities ranging from use by community groups, other non-pastoral industries, construction of public utilities, recreation and tourism..." and they are to provide "..fair and equal access to the resource." and to "Issue a notice on the non-exclusive rights to the use of the SRN." Unfortunately, it does not appear that this is the case. Charters Towers Regional Council have not undertaken an public consultation of the changes with affected stakeholders and have disregarded requests to do so.

Please support the right of Queenslanders to access this resource as we have done for generations, for ours and the next, to continue to enjoy our natural and cultural connections and heritage to the land.

In the words of the Stock Route Management Bill, I ask for your support to ensure that the state government upholds the aim of the bill and reinstate camping access to protect the "cultural and historical values associated with SRN activities such as sites of stock route facilities; family and personal connections to certain stock routes for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples; and intrinsic cultural values associated with the simple existence of the SRN and its linkage to exploration and settlement of Queensland". (link)