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We will only ever vote Labour when they finally promise electoral reform

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We call upon the Labour Party to promise needed electoral reforms, providing better and fairer proportional representation. We, the undersigned, will never vote Labour again unless and until they promote such reforms and, when they do promise such reforms, we will ensure that they are voted in.

Why is this important?
If we keep voting Labour, simply because they are our only option to oppose the Tories, then we will be forever trapped in this dire two-horse race. The fact that the only two parties we can ever vote for - Labour and Tories - can easily just duck out of questioning and debate on prime time TV, knowing that we are all forced to vote for them anyway, says it all.

The first-past-the-post system is a heyday from the Victorian-era, which only benefits the political establishment and no one else. Because the only two beneficiaries in the UK have continued to ignore our pleas for reform, we are now the only European country still stuck with this archaic system.

Research the world over confirms that by cutting wasted votes, tactical voting and unhinged majoritarian governments, PR provides a much fairer, better, representative, balanced and more effective government for all of us. Under PR systems, people feel more empowered, more engaged and that their voices are heard.

We will not stand by any longer and watch our country being run by an antiquated establishment, that simply cannot be put under any pressure whatsoever from its citizens. It is truly incumbent upon Labour, who allege to be a party for the masses, to drive forward these reforms in the interests of our country. They can no longer ignore these urgent pleas, just because it suits them.

The undersigned will not vote Labour ever again, from this point forth, until they pledge to introduce such reforms, which are needed now more than ever.

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