Mr Kenny - Please rethink April 1st physician cutbacks!

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In light of our current state of health crisis in our province, and the declared world wide pandemic of which we have no clear solutions, it is imperative that we keep our current provincial physicians employed.  I implore you to rethink the April 1st, 2020 deadline of cutting back financial restitution to our physicians who are working harder now than ever before in these trying times, all the while putting their own health and families on hold.  Even a 9 to 12 month delay in implementation would help alleviate this unnecessary stress during these difficult times.

Let's get our current health crisis under control before any rash decisions are made concerning finances so that we can be rest assured that as citizens your government is truly concerned about our health and wellness. 

Our small, rural communities will be hardest hit as rural Albertans already struggle to find physicians in their area.  Often these communities are under-staffed by Doctors as rural retention is difficult to obtain - let's not make it any harder for our current physicians to do their jobs by implementing these cutbacks.