Parental Alienation by Bank Manager and Loans Officer enabled by Victorian Govt.

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Tim Mulvany of T.J.Mulvany and Co. raised the following issues in a meeting with myself on 16.01.2017.

'I believe you are a good person, you're heart is in the right place and you are a responsible parent. You were treated in many ways abominably by the system ... 

Had you known that incorrect statements were in a series of subpoenaed documents sent to the Federal Circuit Court on subpoena by Lilydale Secondary School, you, as a citizen would have had every right to rebut them but you did not know that they existed at the time.

I am very passionate about changing the law where privacy is the excuse for a panacea of ills and I make the following points.

 * first of all, you were excluded as a primary carer/parent from receipt of information systematically over a period of years, and

  * secondly, the system conspired to not keep you informed of steps and information over many years. As a result of the lack of inclusion and the lack of disclosure by responsible bureaucrats, the Education Department and other professionals, you had suffered loss and damage....... somebody please address it.

   *thirdly, the systemic abuse of your child, that abuse including but not limited to the exclusion of his primary carer and parent from information gathering and information given. That is a breach of the rights of the child.

I don't think you are an unreasonable person, Secondly I don't think your a nutter and thirdly I think you've got every reason to pursue it.'


Lendl Turner