Identity theft by Bank Manager and Loans Officer supported by Education Dept. of Victoria

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Identity theft by a Commonwealth Bank Manager and a Westpac Loans Officer enabled and supported by the Education Department of Victoria. 


To this day the Victorian Government has enabled and allowed a Westpac loans officer and a Commonwealth Bank manager to get away with identity theft.

James Merlino, Deputy Premier of Victoria continues to ignore this petition and its contents, even though, it continues to remain visible on the internet for all, including James Merlino, to see. It has been plainly visible for several months as my updates have demonstrated.  

I initially uploaded this petition in a different form. It was a lengthy statement I believe needed to brought to the public platform to so people would understand the reason for any extreme action I may have had to take, at that particular time, to protect my children and my family. As time has progressed and due to James Merlino’s continually smug and dismissive attitude towards the treatment of my children by the Victorian Government, this petition now takes a different form.

It is apparent that the actions of James Merlino’s are all part of the plan. It is simply what the Victorian Government does. The Andrew’s Government game plan is intentionally putting every child, every family and their collective futures are at risk, due to the corruption that flourishes in Victoria.

It is time to end the corruption in Victoria that exists at every level of Government in Victoria. Corruption that is due to the appalling culture that has been embraced by the Victorian Government and Banks.

Accordingly, to support my allegations, I list here various types of corruption that I have personally witnessed and have documentation to substantiate  ………

•             Identity theft by a Commonwealth Bank Manager and a Westpac Loans Officer                             

•             Non-disclosures by the Commonwealth Bank                                         

•             Suppression of details relating to improper dealings by the Westpac Bank                          

•             Banking staff involved in dealings with criminal organizations                   

•             Human rights violations  

•             Grooming of children by the Victorian  Government                                                                     

•             Systemic abuse by the Victorian Government                                                                                       

•             Redaction and Suppression of documentation by the Victorian  Government                

•             Creation and use of false and fabricated information by Education Department of Victoria staff                                                                           

•             Corrupt departmental complaint processes across board

•             Manipulation of the Family Court process by the State government

•             Actions of corrupt unelected bureaucrats determining the future of Victoria

•             Demonizing of anyone that attempts to bring the truth to light                                                       

 ..............and the list goes on       

All the above and more, effects every Victorian and their future, and is being enabled and supported by James Merlino, the Victorian Government at every level, and Banks such as the Commonwealth Bank and Westpac Bank. The corruption continues to remain unchallenged by Matthew Guy and the Opposition.

To date, details of the rampant corruption that exists in Victoria has been forwarded to numerous people on many different occasions. Amongst the politicians and bankers who I have personally advised are: Martin Pakula - Attorney General of Victoria, Premier - Daniel Andrews, John Pesutto - Shadow Attorney General of Victoria, Matthew Guy - Leader of the Opposition of Victoria, Matt Comyn – C.E.O. Commonwealth Bank, Adrian Ahern - Customer Advocate at Westpac Bank, Sydney, and of course, James Merlino, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education in Victoria.

The silence continues to be deafening.                                                                                                                                                   

It has been demonstrated, time and time again, that there Is not one forthright and honest politician or litigator in Victoria, who is prepared to address the issues I have raised. Not one is even concerned enough to test any claims I have made.

We are left with a simply conclusion. No child is safe in Victoria while the Andrew’s Government holds power.

I sincerely thank those who took the trouble to sign and support the original statement. It was lengthy and could have been dismissed as the long-winded ramblings of an old man. It now seems to have been the instrument by which I was able to use examples in order to illustrate the extraordinary behavior of corrupt bureaucrats, litigators, politician’s and banking staff in Victoria.

What has also been demonstrated, is the existence of a culture that is morally and ethically bankrupt. It is fueling a Government more intent on covering up corruption, than it is protecting the rights of children and families in Victoria.

And let’s not forget Bill Shorten, Leader of the Federal Opposition. Another politician who has no problem with this appalling situation existing in his home state. One can only imagine what Australia would be like if he was ever installed as Prime Minister. He would undoubtedly replicate nationally what currently exists in the State of Victoria, including all the relevant corruption to enable that to happen.

People will continue to lose their homes, their children, and have their families disintegrated. They will lose their jobs, some will even lose their lives unless something is done.

If thine is the glory, then James Merlino and the Andrews Government must be the shame.




Who was aware of the Identity theft in the Education Department? Your guess is as good as mine but I do know for sure about ................

                                                     the Principal, Mr. Leon Bishop because he kept my file in his office, the file that contained two enrollment forms. Leon Bishop currently lists his occupation as Regional Project Manager for the Monash Tech School partnership since 2015. He also currently lists his occupation as Coach-School Leadership, Self Employed coach 2016 to present on the same page

                                                      the Welfare Co-Ordinator, Lilydale High School, Mr. David Bromilow, of course because he had known Paul Shepherd was for 15 years prior 2011. Mr. David Bromilow lists his current occupation as Managing Director National Talent Partners, Monash University. He lists his occupation as English Teacher while he was at Lilydale High School. On his resume Under Volunteer experience, Mr. David Bromilow has listed Board Member, Hope City Mission, 2 years I contacted Pastor Andrew Magrath who is Senior Pastor of Hope City Church and the Senior Director of Forerunning Ministries. He was unwilling to discuss any about Mr. David Bromilow except to say he was a Board Member at Hope City Mission but only for 1 year not 2. before he was asked to move on.

                                                      the Vice Principal, Lilydale High School, MS. Joanna Walker because she went out of her way provide an incorrect version of events during a meeting, in order to support Mr. David Bromilow. This was the only time she had ever been in my presence. That’s right, never met the woman before that meeting or since. However, during the meeting she did say that she was happy with what was happening. Happy about what? After I managed to clarify that she was referring to separating a youth from his father and 2 siblings, she then stated that she was very happy about it. Ms. Johanna Walker currently her occupation as Principal, Heathmont Secondary College. 

                                                      the Regional Director, Mr. Michael De'Ath because of the many deliberate actions he took to marginalize my son and myself. Mr. Michael De'Ath lists his current occupation as Interim Director General at ACT Health.

Who else in the Education Department or the Victorian Government knew specifically? Who knows, but you would have to say Mr. James Merlino and Ms. Gill Callister because of the lengths they have gone to cover up this situation and it is on record that they have both misled the Victorian public before. You would also have to say the Premier Mr. Daniel Andrews because he does not want to know anything about it, period. His office even stated on one occasion that I was banned from contacting his office.

'No child is safe in Victoria', while the Labor Government, and more particularly Mr. James Merlino hold office.


 Lendl Turner




*note:I only the Victorian public fully realizes the manner and the extent to which the Victorian Government, the banks and all associated players are intentionally disadvantaging them in the most deliberate, unethical and morally bankrupt way. I will demonstrate with the help of documentation, the extent to which the ‘system’ in Victoria outwardly appears to work, but in reality, is broken almost to the point of being beyond repair. The system that is in place to protect all Victorians is the very system that is being used against them every day.



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