Identity theft by Bank Manager and Loans Officer supported by Education Dept. of Victoria

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Identity theft by a Commonwealth Bank Manager and a Westpac Loans Officer enabled and supported by the Education Department of Victoria. 


To this day the Victorian Government has enabled and allowed a Westpac loans officer and a Commonwealth Bank manager to get away with identity theft.

As someone who was taken from my Mother as an infant, as a father, and now as a grandfather, my family means the world to me. But, in the last 20 years, my personal and family life has been fractured and fraught with overwhelming difficulties.

Aided by false and fabricated information provided by a primary school and a longstanding association with the welfare coordinator of a secondary school, my former partner, Jo Shepherd (nee Withers) and her husband, Paul Shepherd, put into motion their plan to completely exclude me from the life of my daughter and youngest son, beginning with identity theft.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

This inconceivable turn of events began around the time my house burned down in 2006. As a result, I placed my daughter and youngest son into the temporary care of Jo Shepherd. At the time, Jo Shepherd was employed at the Commonwealth Bank and Paul Shepherd was employed as a Commonwealth bank manager. Jo Shepherd was later employed as a Westpac loans officer in spite being involved in improper dealings while she was at the Commonwealth Bank. She is currently the managing director at Platinum Package Home Loans. Paul Shepherd’s resume currently lists him as Manager business and home lending. I have been advised that he has left the employment of the Commonwealth Bank to work with Jo Shepherd at Platinum Package Home Loans.  

It wasn’t until I applied for an FOI (Freedom of Information) a couple of years ago, that among the documentation provided to me, there was evidence that my daughter and youngest son had been enrolled at Montrose Primary School using Paul Shepherd’s name instead of mine as their father/guardian yet listing personal details of mine such as my address, phone no etc. That was in 2006, and apparently a perfect opportunity for them. My house had burnt down in 2006 and I was occupied dealing with the aftermath of that.

Despite Family court orders in 2008 giving me 100% custody of my daughter and 50/50 custody of my youngest son it appears that my name was missing, as their father, from all documentation at their primary school. I personally gave the school a copy of these orders. At the time it was the responsibility of the Headmaster to seek out Federal court orders if they existed and update the file with the correct information.

These family court orders issued by a Federal Magistrate in 2008 were continually ignored and circumvented by Jo shepherd, Paul Shepherd, and the Education Department of Victoria without explanation and I had no way of knowing why or what they had done. Almost daily violations of the court orders took place, with the worst violation taking place in 2011. The documentation containing false information relating to my youngest son was transferred from Montrose Primary School to Lilydale High School. Paul Shepherd and Mr. David Bromilow, the Welfare Co-Ordinator of Lilydale High school had known each other for a period of 15 years prior to my son’s enrollment. Another thing that I was not aware of at the time.

Without my knowledge, an enrollment form listed Paul Shepherd as my youngest son’s father/guardian but included my address. Even more unusual, it listed Jo Shepherd as a step-parent, not a parent. Despite me filling out an enrollment form with my son and providing correct details, my name was never entered into the high school’s administration system as his parent/guardian.

My son’s file contained 2 enrollment forms. One filled out by Jo Shepherd and Paul Shepherd which was labelled Primary and one which was filled out by me labelled Alternate. My son’s file containing these two enrollment forms was kept in the office of Mr. Leon Bishop, school Principal.

Who was aware of this at the Education Department? Your guess is as good as mine but I do know for sure about ................the Principal, Mr. Leon Bishop because he kept my file in his office, the file that contained two enrollment forms. Leon Bishop currently lists his occupation as Regional Project Manager for the Monash Tech School partnership since 2015. He also currently lists his occupation as Coach-School Leadership, Self Employed coach 2016 to present on the same page

                                                      the Welfare Co-Ordinator, Lilydale High School, Mr. David Bromilow, of course because he had known Paul Shepherd was for 15 years prior 2011. Mr. David Bromilow lists his current occupation as Managing Director National Talent Partners, Monash University. He lists his occupation as English Teacher while he was at Lilydale High School. On his resume Under Volunteer experience, Mr. David Bromilow has listed Board Member, Hope City Mission, 2 years I contacted Pastor Andrew Magrath who is Senior Pastor of Hope City Church and the Senior Director of Forerunning Ministries. He was unwilling to discuss any about Mr. David Bromilow except to say he was a Board Member at Hope City Mission but only for 1 year not 2. before he was asked to move on.

                                                      the Vice Principal, Lilydale High School, MS. Joanna Walker because she went out of her way provide an incorrect version of events during a meeting, in order to support Mr. David Bromilow. This was the only time she had ever been in my presence. That’s right, never met the woman before that meeting or since. However, during the meeting she did say that she was happy with what was happening. Happy about what? After I managed to clarify that she was referring to separating a youth from his father and 2 siblings, she then stated that she was very happy about it. Ms. Johanna Walker currently her occupation as Principal, Heathmont Secondary College. 

                                                      the Regional Director, Mr. Michael De'Ath because of the many deliberate actions he took to marginalize my son and myself. Mr. Michael De'Ath lists his current occupation as Interim Director General at ACT Health.

Who else in the Education Department or the Victorian Government knew specifically? Who knows, but you would have to say Mr. James Merlino and Ms. Gill Callister because of the lengths they have gone to cover up this situation and it is on record that they have both misled the Victorian public before. You would also have to say the Premier Mr. Daniel Andrews because he does not want to know anything about it, period. His office even stated on one occasion that I was banned from contacting his office.

The Education Department supported and enabled a Westpac employee and a Commonwealth bank employee who had previously engaged in improper dealings with outlaw Bikers. They did this and continue to support these people to cover up what originally was a massive error in judgement and our Premier refuses to discuss it.

As it turned out, other unknowing Education Department staff members allowed this lie to be given life. The situation compounded and confusion has been rife since, as staff were privy only to information that sustained the perception required to discredit what I say and to suppress the truth.  

False and fabricated information has been continually enabled by the Victorian Government, the Education Department, DHS, the Victorian Ombudsman, the Commission for Children and Young People and members of the legal profession. They have made and continue to make false statements to this day while suppressing, destroying documentation and redacting files in their effort to cover up one lie after another.

To date, not one school attended by my children after 2006 has been prepared to make enrollment forms available. At Montrose Primary school, two female Police officers actually intervened while I was in the office of the headmaster speaking to him about my son’s enrollment forms. I was advised that my son’s file could not be located at the moment and the school would be in touch. No documentation was ever produced. Two weeks after this meeting the headmaster called me to say that the good news was that the new archive system that they had installed had enabled him to find my son’s file. The bad news was that the contents of the file had been shredded. 

In all, there have been 3 custody cases as a result of Jo Shepherd’s behavior. The third of these cases, regarding my youngest son, began in 2011. It was initiated by Jo Shepherd and supported with false and fabricated information provided by the Education Department. My claim regarding false and fabricated information is probably best supported by the fact that, at the conclusion of these proceedings my son came to live with me. However, this did not stop Jo and Paul shepherd who are still aided and supported by Mr. James Merlino from disrupting my life and that of the children.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Due to the corrupt influence wielded by the banks, the Government has continued to break every past agreement made with me, whether written, verbal or implied. This was confirmed at a meeting with Tim Mulvaney of TJ Mulvaney & CO, a Melbourne law firm, During a meeting in January of 2016. Mr. Mulvaney stated that I had been treated abominably by the ‘the System’. He confirmed that the System had excluded me as a primary career/parent based on the receipt of information over a period of years.

He explained the System conspired not to keep me informed of the steps and information. As a result of the lack of inclusion and the lack of disclosure by responsible bureaucrats, the Education Department and other professionals, I had suffered extreme loss and damage. In addition, it was responsible for systemic abuse of my children. That abuse included the exclusion of his primary caregiver and parent from information gathering and information given. My son's welfare was compromised via 19 human rights violations.  

Mr. Mulvaney’s statements indicate he is aware of the appalling circumstances surrounding this matter. Yet, as a litigator, he has taken no action. Neither has his firm.

In addition to Mr. Mulvaney, the principal of The Victorian Aboriginal Co-Operative also stated to me, and I will use his words, ‘you have been shafted’. As a litigator, he still did nothing.

I will digress for a moment and relate to you one situation, like so many, that you could never imagine would happen. Frank Vincent, former Supreme Court judge, while Acting Commissioner for Children and Young People placed 350 pages of Documentation provided by me, in a safe. How do I know this? I was told by a staff member. When I asked for the documentation to be returned to me the duty staff member forwarded the file that she and the other staff members referred to when speaking with me. The file she sent me was 84 pages of redacted documentation that was used replace the documentation that I supplied to the Commission. Why would my documentation be replaced? Every time I spoke to an unknowing duty staff member our conversation would be conflicted and we would be at odds due to the substituted file. Of course, this process was meant to make me appear as a troublemaker. I was never supposed to know that the file I supplied had been replaced with a redacted file. This was also a demonstration that The Commission for Children and Young People is no longer autonomous. Again, Frank Vincent as a Litigator, less than nothing.

It would seem that legal representation or members of the legal profession acting upon those things that they are required to act upon has ceased to exist in Victoria.

I have had enough. I’ve had enough of being targeted at every turn for the wrong reasons due to false and fabricated information that still stands and continues to follow me. Information that also still generates a perception which continues to allow Jo Shepherd and Paul Shepherd to wear the cloak of respectability. A perception which has been enabled by the Victorian Government, Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank. A perception that continues to make my children victims of circumstance and the detrimental impact on the lives of my children and myself goes unchecked.

This cloak of respectability exists due to the willingness of the Victorian Government, Westpac Bank and Commonwealth Bank to suppress, destroy and simply ignore documentation relating to abuse of children and illegal activity. All to serve their own agenda. Any information relating to their personal actions, business impropriety and abuse of the children is continually suppressed. This situation regarding the banks found its’ beginnings in the fact that Commonwealth bank failed to disclose any information in relation to improper dealings by Jo Shepherd in 2006 when she was an employee of the Commonwealth Bank.They simply moved her on.When made aware of these improper dealings,the Westpac Bank suppressed the information. Paul Shepherd, Manager at the Commonwealth bank was aware of Jo Shepherd’s actions at the time.

The agendas of Jo Shepherd, Paul Shepherd, the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank, the Victorian Government, [more particularly Mr. James Merlino and the Education Department] simply became aligned and as one. That agenda was to demonize and discredit me at every opportunity in the hope it would eventually destroy me.

And what plan would facilitate that agenda? Sacrifice the children by using them to demonize and discredit me.

Both banks suppressed knowledge of ‘improper’ dealings via a broker in Queensland who was representing a biker organization. As a result of these dealings Jo Shepherd was asked to leave the Commonwealth Bank under a cloud of impropriety. Three days later, she was employed by Westpac as a loans officer.

These details were among those contained in my letter of allegations to the Education Department in 2011, details that were suppressed along with all the other allegations. Westpac was also advised of Jo Shepherd’s improper dealings while employed by the Commonwealth Bank by another Westpac staff member. Westpac Bank did nothing, in fact the staff member was told by her superior to forget about it.

This particular female Westpac staff member, was also involved in an incident with Jo Shepherd while holding her infant son. That incident was the subject of a police report. I have a copy of that report and contained in it were 2 statements attributed to Jo Shepherd. 'I can do anything I want' and ' I will sign a false affidavit and f**k you'. Obviously, Mr. James Merlino and the Victorian Government have given Jo Shepherd carte blanche.

As a result of making a police report, the female Westpac staff member and her Father were subsequently threatened and terrorized into dropping her complaint, by Jo Shepherd’s brother. The Westpac Bank again, offered no support. The Westpac Bank did the opposite and took a position that the average Australian would not believe possible. They chose to support Jo Shepherd and her brother instead. The Westpac Bank continue to support them to this day. In fact, they are more than happy to do business with Jo Shepherd via her brokerage firm.

In 2011 I was also asked to help an elderly pensioner couple in their dispute with Westpac. This dispute was in relation to fraudulent dealings and maladministration by the bank. The 7.30 Report interviewed me and the pensioner couple about the details of this dispute. This interview was aired on the ABC in February 2017. Westpac has since contacted me and we are still in the process of resolving this dispute. Of course, Westpac has significantly aided the Victorian Government in its efforts to suppress information and to discredit me.

Although my own situation has been traumatic and is not resolved, I found it interesting when columnist Andrew Bolt stated that the Andrews Government is grooming vulnerable children to the leftist side of politics.  Personally, I would go further than that and say that the Victorian Government is grooming children across the board. Education Minister James Merlino; Education Department Secretary Gill Callister; Bruce Armstrong, in his role as Acting Deputy Secretary of the Education Department, and others in the Victorian Government are promoting and supporting a culture within the state government that is enabling the grooming of children. These three, among a multitude of other things, even sanctioned something as abhorrent as steel cages for children in Victoria. What’s more, corporate entities such as Westpac Bank and the Commonwealth Bank are prepared to assist them.

As for my letter of allegations dated 2011, it was never investigated. Mr. De’Ath reduced my 30-point letter of allegations to 3 unrelated points prior to the so-called investigation. In the final hearing of my FOI application, which took place in 2015, the HR representative for the Education Department stated in front of witnesses that the investigation into my letter of complaint from 2011 was not done to guidelines. He went on to say that irrespective of any conclusion, arrived by the ‘so-called’ independent investigator in relation to a complaint, could be superseded by the decision maker in the department: The decision maker in this case was Mr. Michael De'Ath.

When my son rebelled at school due to the actions of the Education department he was deliberately marginalized. He was even subjected to a valuation by a psychologist based solely on information provided by his Mother. This was also done without my knowledge. Both parents have to be consulted. I had been previously omitted as a parent therefore The Education Department psychologist did not consult me. The psychological assessment was ordered by Mr. Michael De’Ath's department.  

Ms. Gill Callister has also ignored three requests for a formal review meeting. When I contacted her office after my second request, I was told she was taking advice on it. Let’s not forget that in 2014, Ms. Callister was found guilty but not charged in relation to a breach of duty of care regarding vulnerable children. Her department was found to have suppressed documentation and misled police.

With regards to Mr. Merlino, he has been using every means available and necessary to suppress any documentation and information I have while at the same time discrediting me with false and fabricated information. This claim formed part of a submission I provided to the inquiry into White Collar Crime. This submission was uploaded on to the internet and is dated 27. 03.2016. Nothing came of this and I think it would be interesting for someone reading this to look it up along with the Senate Inquiry. See if you can spot why I was not even contacted. Maybe they should have an Inquiry into Senate inquiries.

Both Mr. Merlino and the Victorian Government have even ensured that myself and even my eldest son have been continually targeted and harassed. My computer has been hacked and in addition to many other things my eldest son has been detained on at least 3 occasions by police with weapons drawn only to eventually be told that he was free to go with no explanation other than that they had acted on incorrect information. My eldest son is the only other person that has intervened on numerous occasions to protect his brother and sister from Jo Shepherd’s violence.

As a result of the stress relating to my situation, my health has been compromised in many ways, not the least of which was a stroke I suffered in September 2014. Action initiated by the System also directly affected the health and well being of my 92-year-old mother. She resided in another state passed away in March of 2017. Incidentally, Jo Shepherd and her family had threatened her on at least 2 occasions.

Michael De'Ath, in his role as regional director of EMR Education Department, Mr. Rod Allen, the 'so-called' independent investigator, Mr. Nicholas Pole as Education Department Deputy Secretary and Kait McCann, an assistant to Nicholas Pole all suppressed or destroyed documentation and information known to them. All, to give the perception that my letter of allegations was unsubstantiated. The list goes on and on.

So, when will the lies of the Victorian Government and the plunder of the state cease?

And what about the suppression and oppression of anyone who tries to bring the truth to light?

It’s up to the majority of us to find the moral courage and internal fortitude to do something about it. Otherwise, people will continue to lose their homes, their children, and have their families disintegrated. They will lose their jobs; some will even lose their lives.

I look at my children and realize what they have gone through and are still going through is completely unfair. After all, who will heal the hurt, to repair the deep wounds that have and continue to be inflicted upon them?

I have written this for 3 reasons. The first is that recently my eldest son, along with his sister and brother wanted to connect with their 2 siblings from a previous relationship of mine. One of the siblings they wished to connect with is married to Ross Kemp. He is a documentary maker who has just concluded a World tour.

Having been made aware of my daughter's marriage to Ross Kemp during the initial efforts to make contact, the decision to continue trying to connect was made in spite of Ross Kemp. We are all aware that everything about Ross Kemp is manufactured and contrived. The image, the documentaries and his private life are not even close to the perception that is given to the public. The children were made aware of how Ross Kemp’s agenda could impact on their attempt to connect with their siblings. They believed that being in two different countries would cancel out the Ross Kemp issue and they could correspond in an effort to get to know each other.

Incidentally, The Telegraph reported on the 26th of April 2018 “BBC withdraws Human Planet series after whale hunt scenes exposed as more fakery”.

Initial correspondence remained unanswered so my eldest son decided that we would attend Ross Kemp’s Melbourne show that was part of his recent world tour. It was an opportunity to at least make contact. Maybe my daughter would be at the Melbourne show. We even purchased VIP tickets to Ross Kemp’s Melbourne show. Following the show, we were taken along with others who had purchased VIP tickets to ‘meet and greet’ Ross Kemp. It was here that we came across my daughter. I remained in the back ground while my eldest son spoke with his sister.

Then, while my son was talking to the family, Ross Kemp had the staff at the Arts Center ask my daughter to come to another part of the Arts center. She did that but said she would return. We never saw her again. Ross Kemp simply left the Art Center with her, without an acknowledgment or a single word. My son was glad to have had at least the opportunity to speak with his sister and she seemed happy to see him. Unfortunately, Ross Kemp’s actions demonstrated why initial correspondence remained unanswered. It also demonstrated that Ross Kemp has no intention of letting my eldest son, his brother or their sister, have any contact with his wife. He was rude and dismissive. His behavior was unnecessary and out of order but it was to be anticipated.

It was later reported that Ross Kemp was on vacation with his sometime mate, following the end of the New Zealand leg of his world tour. One would have thought that he would be spending any spare time with his wife and his recently born twins, but instead Ross Kemp goes on vacation with his friend. Not only that, pictures of their vacation were published. One of the pictures shows them holding hands while on a boat. Ross Kemp is so content and happy that he looks like he is about to dribble. Unfortunately, I have never seen him that content or comfortable in the company of his wife.

Of course, the article was written by the mate that he on vacation with, so spin is all positive. Classic misdirection. Ross Kemp has shown himself to be a very different person to the image he projects to the public To achieve his objective so as not to involve himself, Ross Kemp actually enlisted the help of the staff at the arts center to assist him in disadvantaging a young man who only wanted to reconnect with his sister. After having staff at the arts center call my daughter to another room, he then ran off without a word.  

On a personal note, I fail to see how spending time on a vacation with his some-mate, takes precedence, for Ross Kemp, over spending time with his wife and infant daughters. I imagine it is simply another opportunity to create a positive narrative.

This was never about Ross Kemp. In fact, we find it embarrassing that we have to use his name in the same sentence as family. True to form though, Ross Kemp had to make it all about himself. Unfortunately, he has chosen to make it personal with his behavior.

What has this got to do with the petition? It is hard enough to deal with the likes of Ross Kemp and his massive ego, without also being denied any opportunity to explain an absence from people’s lives. An absence that became unavoidable and a product of someone else’s behavior. Without an explanation, the perception of the situation can be anything that suits a person’s agenda. It suits Ross Kemp to make sure that there is no opportunity for an explanation that might impact on/or change the negative opinions that I understand he has expressed regarding the situation.

So, following my initial correspondence, who did Ross Kemp reach out to in Victoria and what details was he given to make him think his actions in Melbourne were warranted or is this just what he does? 

Contact with anyone including my Mother, has been disrupted due to years of lies and unrelenting actions of Jo Shepherd & Co. More importantly the children are disadvantaged again through no fault of their own. Jo Shepherd is simply a sociopath that has taken everyone for a ride.

It is getting ridiculous. I have continually tried to explain in the hope that people will understand what has transpired and appreciate what has become ever present in our disrupted lives? Of course, they don’t understand and how could anyone even begin to imagine what has taken place. Prior to this I have made decisions and been absent from people’s lives based on sparing them the violence and systemic abuse that has become a part of our daily lives. How did that work out for me? 

Secondly, Jo shepherd was let go from the Commonwealth Bank under a cloud of impropriety, then turns up at the Westpac Bank 3 days later. At Westpac she even assaults a co-worker and is unchallenged by Westpac, in fact they support her. She has continually abused her children physically, emotionally and psychologically, again remaining unchallenged by the authorities. She and Paul Shepherd have a history of involvement with outlaw bikers. That association still exists today. All this and more while whatever Jo Shepherd and Paul shepherd do is continually supported by the State Government and the Banks. At one time, both Jo and Paul Shepherd took at Ivo’s out against me with the assistance of a member of the Victorian Police Force, and then proceeded to assault the children under cover of these Ivo’s. Still, unchallenged by the authorities.

Recently Jo Shepherd's brother, Matthew Withers has been linked to Back He fancies himself as an enforcer but anyone who knows him will tell you that he is simply a thug who stands over women and children. He currently keeps company with an ex-Westpac executive. Apparently, he is being paid for procuring women via Back for the purposes of non-consensual sex with multiple partners. I believe people refer to it as ‘gang rape’. The victim has no idea what is in store for her until it is too late. Jo Shepherd is aware of this but as she has always done, she keeps her brother at arm’s length and only calls on him when she needs to use him. This way she can say she has no knowledge of what he does. She and the Westpac network have always made sure he is with someone who can support him. To date no-one has done anything about his activities.

As a broker, Jo Shepherd claims to deal with a large number of financial institutions. Among those financial institutions are Westpac, her previous employer and the Commonwealth bank, who moved her on due to her improper dealings. She is now married to Paul Shepherd after years of living together. Paul Shepherd rose from Bank Manager to home loan and business Manager for Victoria.

How is it possible that these two have been allowed to even hold a finance broker’s license, why does the Westpac Bank and the Commonwealth bank continue to do business with Jo Shepherd and does the Westpac Bank even care what sort of people their executives keep company with?

I flew to Sydney last year and during meeting with a Westpac executive I asked those same questions. At the time Jo Shepherd was a finance broker and Paul Shepherd was Manager for home loans etc. in Victoria. Jo Shepherd's brother was keeping company with the same woman, who at the time was a Westpac executive. The Westpac executive was evasive and did not respond to my concerns.

Last but not least, my Daughter had chosen to live interstate for the last few years but has not escaped her Mother’s disruptive behavior. Recently, she returned to Victoria and unfortunately, she and my youngest son have been involved in 3 or 4 violent incidents instigated by Jo Shepherd. A short time ago, my daughter returned to Perth, again to escape the violent behavior of Jo Shepherd. Shortly after returning, she was deliberately assaulted while in a Perth nightclub and then chased by the Sergeant at arms for the Rebels M.C. He was wielding a baseball bat at the time. The Rebels biker in question is known to Jo Shepherd, Paul Shepherd and also Jo Shepherd's brother. When visiting Victoria, this Rebels biker would spend time at the home of Jo and Paul Shepherd. When my Daughter told Jo Shepherd about the attack, Jo Shepherd told her that it was ‘her fault’. What situation calls for a Mother to react this way and support someone who has assaulted her daughter? What is Jo Shepherd trying to distance herself from?

In 2017, Mathew Withers traveled to Cambodia under cover of teaching children English. This is person with well documented history of drug abuse and violence. The trip to Cambodia, followed a meeting with the same Rebels biker that assaulted my daughter. While in Cambodia, Mathew Withers was beaten so badly that his injuries required him to be hospitalized for a lengthy period of time. What was it that went so wrong during this trip to Cambodia?

We are all aware how close to the Golden Triangle, in South East Asia, Cambodia is geographically placed. We all know what the Golden Triangle is famous for. 

Enough is enough. This is where we find ourselves now. This situation finds its origins in the fact that two banks chose to suppress information regarding Jo Shepherd's improper dealings interstate.  Dealings that Paul Shepherd, as a Commonwealth Bank Manager had full knowledge of.

Coupled with this, the Education Department and the Victorian Government via Mr. James Merlino continue to support the actions of Jo Shepherd. A situation that began as a result of Paul Shepherd and a Welfare Co-Ordinator having known each other for 15 years. Mr. James Merlino and the Education Department have been only too happy to suppress everything regarding the initial massive error in judgement from day one. Every Department from top to bottom has had to suppress everything that has come as a result of suppressing the first transgression.

Due to the continuing lies and actions of Jo and Paul Shepherd and the willingness of the Victorian Government to support them in anything they do and protect themselves. by using false and fabricated information, everything that is true has become false while everything that is false has become true and everything in-between has become blurred.

Incidentally, as a parent with a child that attended Lilydale High school, how is it that I can tell you what Mr. David Bromilow, the Welfare Co-Ordinator of that school had in the back of his car in 2011? I also make the point that Mr. David Bromilow Welfare Co-Ordinator or any person known to Paul Shepherd for 15 years, prior to 2011, would have full knowledge of the activities of Jo Shepherd, Paul Shepherd and Jo Shepherd’s brother. Mr. David Bromilow knew these people well enough to introduce then support false and fabricated documentation at a school for their benefit.

Who continually fuels the disruption to our lives while being supported by Mr. Merlino, the Victorian Government and the Banks? It is Jo and Paul Shepherd and they will not stop.

One might also think that it is strange that I have not mentioned the Premier, Mr. Daniel Andrews throughout this. That is because he has chosen to side step this situation on a number of occasions but we all know that this is 'his' responsibility. It's not that I don't understand. We are all aware of the plan and we are all aware of the pecking order. It is your long-time mate Ms. Gill Callister who continues to 'brief' Mr. James Merlino and God forbid, you ever decide to have an idea or decide to involve yourself in the affairs of Victoria, she is the one you contact in order to find out what your idea is and what your involvement will be.

As I said here previously, people will continue to lose their homes, their children, and have their families disintegrated. They will lose their jobs, some will even lose their lives unless something is done.

I understand this is a lengthy statement but it has to be so, because anyone who reads this will understand the true reason for whatever actions I have to take in the immediate future to protect my children.

How about Ross Kemp? His wife is my daughter, and the young woman who was deliberately assaulted,  then chased by a biker with a baseball bat while attending Eve night club in Perth, in April, is also my daughter. Is Ross Kemp going to let that stand? The biker who chased my daughter with a baseball bat was a member of, and Sergeant at Arms for Ocean Keys chapter of the Rebels M.C in Western Australia. The Ross Kemp documentary on Australian Biker features him joining the Rebels on a road trip.

The Rebel biker in question has already faced court and has been bailed to appear again in the Perth Court on the 18th of May 2018.

And Mr. James Merlino, is he going to keep promoting the culture that exists in the Victorian Government that has such a wide-reaching effect on families. Is Mr. Merlino and his mates at the Commonwealth Bank and the Westpac Bank going to continue to suppress information while supporting and protecting people like Jo Shepherd, Paul Shepherd and Mathew Withers? Mr. Merlino and the State Government give the impression that they are trying to destroy outlaw biker clubs when in reality Mr. Merlino and the State Government are actually supporting those associated with them. Surprisingly, this is a state government that Mr. Bill Shorten has sought to closely align himself with in the past. In May 2016, the Herald Sun reported “Opposition leader Bill Shorten mimicking Victorian Labor’s campaign playbook”.  

As usual, a child of mine has been made a victim of circumstance placed in a dangerous situation that is not of their making and due to dealings, they know nothing about. Once again, there is severe disruption to our lives. The same as it has been for years on end due to the activities of Jo Shepherd, Paul Shepherd and Mathew Withers.   

Unfortunately, I have been left with no other option than to bring tragic tale of corruption, indifference and systemic abuse to the public platform.

As I have said before on many occasions….......'no child is safe in Victoria', while the Labor Government, and more particularly Mr. James Merlino hold office.

 Lendl Turner



*note; As long as this submission is, it only covers a small percentage of the entire saga. I intend to upload detailed installments at regular intervals to tell the full story from beginning to the end. In doing this, I hope that I can fully reveal to the Victorian public, the manner and the extent to which the Victorian Government, the banks and all associated players are intentionally disadvantaging them in the most deliberate, unethical and morally bankrupt way. I will demonstrate with the help of documentation, the extent to which the ‘system’ in Victoria outwardly appears to work, but in reality, is broken almost to the point of being beyond repair. The system that is in place to protect all Victorians is the very system that is being used against them every day.



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