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Make Earls Barton a designated village for Wollaston Secondary School

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We the undersigned... request that Earls Barton Primary School be granted the same privilege as most local village schools and be given the status of feeder school for Wollaston Secondary School, and that Earls Barton village be given the status of designated village. We want a real choice as to where our children can attend secondary school, instead of “filling the gaps” left when everyone else’s school places have been assigned.

Of the 14 local feeder schools and designated villages, 9 are further from Wollaston School than Earls Barton, seven of the nine having a secondary school that is closer than Wollaston. We do not believe these admission criteria have sufficiently altered over time with the demolition of the John Lea School and the creation of new schools such as Caroline Chisholm.

Our children have been raised in a village, we want them to have the option to attend a secondary school with a village ethos. Instead friends are being separated and spread throughout various schools in the surrounding area, this negatively impacts on our close knit community

Currently, and historically many children from the village have attended the Wollaston school, as the children leave the primary school at the end of the school day many are met by older siblings in Wollaston uniform. However. as parents we are increasingly finding any option to choose our children's secondary education removed from us. Parents are facing mixed messages and have suddenly been forced into the situation where they are left with no choice but to pay £600 a year per child for transport to a school they are not happy with.

The real issue is that Earls Barton children are unfairly represented in terms of schools. At this time our children are very limited in terms of where we can apply to and realistically stand a chance of gaining a place. We need to ask why are the children of earls Barton limited to these school, where other local villages are welcomed at Wollaston, some of those nearly twice as far away from the school. Our children also have a right to a high achieving school and if not, surely someone should ask why are our children not offered the same opportunities as children from neighbouring villages or towns?

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