The people vs Dominos / John Ridge Justice for workers

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A few days ago me and 3 of my fellow employees were fired from our job because the store was dirty after the rush. I was pretty upset about it so I took to social media sharing my story on Facebook with in 24 hour I was flooded with comments of others sharing there stories. horrifying stories of unsafe working conditions, sexual harassment. stories from hard working people that were over worked under paid and mistreated in every possible way. reading the comments really broke my heart knowing what people had to go though just to make a living. and its time for a change. The owner of this francize is giving dominos a bad name and we think its time that Dominos' and Patrick Doyle 

The following is my story followed by some of the comments left by others sharing they're stories caution there is a bit of strong language

  •   I’ve been in restaurant management for over 15 years now but never experienced what happen to me and my fellow coworkers last night. So we were really understaffed no insiders were scheduled to work so is was gonna be just me all night but as luck would have it another manager offered to come in on his day off well it’s just the two of us and we got busy full screen phones ringing off the hook but we held it down and did a good damn job. Well at the end rush everything is calming down an off work employee comes in and the other manager ask him to go to cook out and get him sum food well he did and when he got back the owner walks in mr John ridge and what I can only describe as a drugged out rage starts screaming and curing at us tells the off work employee to leave even though he was waiting to order and he keeps going on screaming it was clear that he was on something there is no other way to describe it well he leaves a few minutes later the off work employee comes back and orders a sandwich and a drink two minutes later Mr ridge comes back and he’s freaking out and screaming again. Well we thought it was all over me and one driver stayed until 2:30 am cleaning the store making sure it was perfect and let’s add my cash came up great my food was good and I hit sales well I woke up to a text message saying my services were no longer needed not only was I fired but the closing driver was fired the other manager was fired and the off work employee was fired 
  • He screwed us over too. Horrible business owner, horrible person, treats his employees bad, doesn't care about their safety (yes, i know stories), oh, what about not paying their employees for a entire week and that's happened many times Also the kid who asked if he could go home early before dark because he had to cross a 4 lane highway to get home on his bike, john ridge told the kid to suck it up, that we all die anyway, he doesn't give a damn.
  • Bro John Ridge is a piece of work . It only took me a month to quit on him . Dominos is garbage
  • This is so true. My experiences their were just as bad. The manager of the store called my wife and told her to tell me I was fired over the phone on my day off because I wouldn't work for my wife and mind you we were both sick with a horrible case of the flu. #TrueStory � and that's not all. I had the owner in question come by me put both hands on my hips and yank my pants up to my navel and tell me to keep um pulled up at the time I was bent over washing dishes in a very vulnerable position. Its the most uncomfortable iv ever felt at a job. Iv had the manger and owner stand cuss me out and threaten my job in the 3 plus years I worked their all because I wouldn't put up with them being nasty perverted ugly humans. Its was mentally and physically one of the worst experiences of my life.
  • They let me work all day then at the end of my shift told me I was fired
  • John Ridge has ALWAYS been a womanizing ass!! When I quit after work my notice he tried to keep my last check. I went to his damn house!
  • Lmmfao I worked there as a manager at Rockingham laurinburg and Lumberton O-Cing everyday for three years and every time I saw him he hit on me, would reach in my pockets and take the paid out cash from me when he picked it up groping me each time... I got fired BC I complained that another manager showed me his dick and BLmmfao I worked there as a manager at Rockingham laurinburg and Lumberton O-Cing everyday for three years and every time I saw him he hit on me, would reach in my pockets and take the paid out cash from me when he picked it up groping me each time... I got fired BC I complained that another manager showed me his dick and BC that manager was there longer of course I was wrong.C that manager was there longer of course I was wrong.
  • John fired me over a tongue ring. He’s an old dirty bastard. Women feel so uncomfortable around him because he tries to sleep with anything with a vagina. He’s a trash human.
  • I also worked for him in high school for over 2 years and many of times have I seen him be very aggressive to employee's. He is a very rude and not professional employer. I worked a double on day when we had a bad snow storm. At 11:30 my 70 year old Grandpa ( the only one in my family with a 4x4) called me to tell me the roads were too bad for me to drive he needed to come get me I lived in McColl I was told i couldn't leave because we were the only business that stayed open and we're busy. Mind you I had come in at 10 to open and was going on 14 hours with a 30 min break. I told him I had no choice because my only ride was on the way. Before o left I was told to move my car from in front of his business of o didn't stay. I kindly moved my car to Wendy's and left. The following week I was treated so badly I quit my job after being cussed at my his assistant Safuu and called a bitch. Never once have I had to deal with that at any job I worked.
  • I’m telling y’all dominos in lbg is the worst. My second week on the job i was robbed at gun point while on a delivery and the only phone call i got was to ask when i was coming back to work. Or they had other employees to ask when i was coming back. No how are you, none of that. They also tried to make me pay back the money that was stole from me.
  • back in the day they used to take big party orders that paid in cash and back out people’s hours and pay them in cash. Pretty sure that was a felony since you have to pay payroll tax,and it contributes to welfare fraud since the paychecks were not representing the employees full income.
    There’s an interesting tidbit for ya! And that shit can be found in the system due to timecard adjustments!
  • Oh, and I took over one of your stores that your brilliant DM had put a sorry GM in charge of and let run into the ground. My first night there, I threw away 35 trays of expired dough that the previous GM had been hiding in the walkin.
    I got no support from your DM. I knew 4 months in advance that I was losing half of my crew to the navy, and it still took that dm until after I lost my crew to finally get me access to the hiring system.
    In my 7 months, I increased our sales by 50% and customer satisfaction even more. What did I get from the company? A friggin' toboggan I couldn't even wear in the store without violating dress code.
    And I continually went to my DM with my concerns that someone with higher access than me was embezzling money out of my store. But it fell on deaf ears. Then suspiciously, our paychecks started being late and bouncing.
  • I should've sued that piece of shit when I had to call out to an allergic reaction, and he said "she's probably too busy licking pussy to come to work". Mind you I still went in and closed that night. He's a piece of shit. I was glad to get out of that hell hole. Nothing was ever good enough for him.
  • I'm in high school working for dominos  I closed on school nights and wouldn't get out until 2 am sometimes
  • i forgot to mention that they just screwed J over a few weeks ago (again), J had asked to step down from management because there was way too much drama going on the management side of things, so they said yes he could be a driver, then when he goes back for schedule, he's not even on the schedule and they claim that he never contacted them or anything and so they let him go.. but the whole time he was contacting them and he was talking to them about stepping down, they even agreed. so they are huge liars and screw people over.
  • I worked for that fuck for years! Slaved for them people all for 6 a hr! They I got that big raise of 15 cent �� well at that point I saw what they thought of me!
  • Yeah, somebody needs to report his sorry ass over the TOTAL lack of ANY breaks that employees get. That's also illegal as fuck. It happened from 2001-2004, and it happened the last time I was there too. Working 8, 9, 10 hour shifts with NO BREAK.
  • do you know how many complaints get filed against his franchise in a year's time by employees!?!?!?!? He always freaks out like he's on the verge of losing his franchises......but he still rolling. Working for him was one of the most nerve racking times of my life! And never did get the position I was hired for, only got half ass trained for it, ended up driving & got robbed, then got pissed at me when I left because some little dope head he was sleeping with skimmed my tip & I called her on it. I have been in food/retail management for 20 years, have my own businesses, was looking to become a franchisee....not with Domino's! I'm working on a deal with an old friend to get back with Papa John's as franchisees.
  • open and closed every day for that man and never recieved shit but my paycheck I worked my ass off for, reported sexualized harassment, then a week later got fired BC I couldn't come in on my day off, to select pizzas... When I was a manager... BC my truck broke down. The day before... I worked four stores, and did the trailer at every event in the surrounding counties... They paid me under the table for the trailer work and paid me like ten cents for milage going from hamlet to Pembroke, laurinburg, Lumberton, and Rockingham... I opened one store got off work drove, then closed another every day for a year, Got engaged, decided to pick one store, another manager asked me if I wanted to suck his dick before I became married and whipped out out when we went to the dumpsters take out the trash... I reported him he demoted me then fired me on my day off


    all of these comments are from real people and we don't want anyone else to have to go though this and have to put up with horrible working conditions to feed They're family John ridge has been doing this for 30 years who knows what else he has done in that time we are asking that Dominos and Mr. J. Patrick Doyle step in and take they're good name away from this horrible man

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