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Get CoolMathGames Unbanned From Wellesley Middle School!

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As many of you know, has recently been banned from Wellesley Middle School! Some would say this is a good decision because the games on this website are “distracting” or “stupid”. However, this accusation is 100% false. Every game on is a puzzle. Players need to think strategically in order to win the game, therefore these games enhance ones brain power. Countless of times students have finished all of their homework in Study Hall and have no choice but to waist the next half hour of class time. Instead, students can take out their IPads and go to but wait... it’s banned! Are they supposed to just sit there now? If CoolMathGames was unbanned they could have entertained themselves, not waist class time, and even boost their IQ! This website is a perfect way to learn more, instead of being bored in Study Hall or Homeroom. Teachers and parents may think is silly, when it’s exactly the opposite. Just talk to Mr. Mazzeo, he thinks so! Lots of teachers probably think so too. 

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