Do not transfer Mr. McConnell to Indian Valley Middle School.

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On April 6, 2015, Indian Valley High School's pre-calculus/calculus teacher Mr. Sean McConnell was reassigned to Indian Valley Middle School for the 2015-2016 school year. In his classes, we have learned many valuable mathematics skills that we will use in college-level courses. Furthermore, Mr. McConnell is greatly dedicated to his students and their academics. Transferring Mr. McConnell to the middle school would be detrimental to the education and futures of Indian Valley students.

Mr. McConnell’s teaching style is built for us to succeed now and in our futures. His classes are structured in a way that is similar to a university math course. At the beginning of the course, he hands out syllabi like college classes. A syllabus helps us know what to expect from a course, including information such as the dates for quizzes and tests. His notes are clearly structured to guide us through his lessons. Also, his notes are practical for using even outside of his classes like in a collegiate math course. The assignments and quizzes he provides are organized just like the notes, which allows us to effectively prepare for assessments. Moreover, Mr. McConnell does not just teach us techniques to solve problems but teaches us why we are using these techniques. His teaching methods provide experiences that will be practical for prospective college students.

Notably, Mr. McConnell cares extensively about his students and their success. He believes that all his students are capable of doing well in his classes. He frequently stops to ensure that we are not confused or lost during his lectures as well. He spends a lot of his free time during the day (before school, after school, and in activity period) to assist students who need extra help with their assignments. Mr. McConnell frequently asks students individually how difficult or easy they found their homework even if he knows they probably will not need help. Additionally, he provides us with ways to get help with homework even if we are not in school. For example, if we are stuck on a problem, we can consult videos that have him working through the homework and notes with his commentary. It is Mr. McConnell’s mission to see that each of his students succeed at one of the hardest subjects taught in high school.

A strong base in calculus is imperative to many major studies in college. We believe that Mr. McConnell is the best teacher to prepare every Indian Valley student for a rigorous mathematics curriculum in the pursuit of a college degree. Thank you for your support by signing this petition, and please come show your support at the Board of Education meeting on Monday April 20, 2015.

Credit to Will Love for writing the petition letter statement below and to Will Love, Emily Smith, and anyone else who received signatures on the written petition.

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