Change the new Glenthorne high schools sixth form rules

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Recently at Glenthorne high school a number of rules and new forms of punishment have been put into place. One of these, is the new ACU system, these were put into place after a select few students were failing to do homework and turn up to lesson on time. This new system involves an ACU, for every ACU you get you have to stay an hour behind after school, although the students can see how this helps some students, for the vast majority, this is an extra stress. These ACU's are designed to help a child catch up on work, and "aren't" detentions. Detentions have never been given to sixth form students, and feels/ is unfair. To make it worse, the teachers feel the need to call them ACU's as if were stupid and wont think they're detentions.

Another rule is a uniform rule aimed specifically at girls. Although there are some rules such as, "skirts cant be too high" and "appropriate tops", which on the wholei can generally understand. The new rule says that girls must have there shoulders covered. This may seem like only a small rule, but is quite frankly pathetic and not very well thought through. This rule has made it harder for girls to put together what they want to wear.  

Another rule, is the new sixth form common room rule. The common room used to be a place of relaxation and somewhere stress free, that students could escape to during free periods. However, new rules put in place have made the common room a quiet room, where students can only speak if it is about the work. Any other talking will result in teachers telling students to be quiet or in most circumstances threatening to send them into another room, where silence is mandatory and any speaking will result in you getting told off bthe head of year or one of the deputy head teachers.

Finally as a whole the sixth form is very good in terms of teaching standards, but the uniform. While I and other students understand the dress code is a good idea, and will help prepare us for the work place, what teachers don't seem to understand is that were not working yet, this is still our childhood and we are still at school. We know that the uniform will never fully change, but what we ask for is a new term to me called "Relaxed Friday". This is a concept which entitles office worers and other office work places to wear there own clothes for just Fridays as a "reward" for doing well through out the rest of the week at work. We would like to introduce this idea to Glenthorne high school, as all in all it does still prepare us for the work place.

From this petition we wish to raise awareness of the unjust and un fairness of what Glenthorne High School puts its sixth form students through.

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