Please don't shorten our summer (or other) school holidays / vacation in South Africa!

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Kids need more time to be kids! 

To play, have fun, get a break from the stress, pressure, "rat race" of life (which is school for them). 

The responsibility of school starts from very young and consumes the entire childhood of kids and it is not fair to take away from their rest / play / de-stressing / relaxing vacation time! 

School holiday / vacation is a time for kids to unwind and be kids - with no worries about school & homework. 

By shortening any of their holidays it is lengthening their stressful, pressurized school time which we, as adults struggle to cope with in the work place and day-to-day life. 

Taking away of their vacation time can and will lead to them feeling overwhelmed, run down, difficulty in focusing & concentration, lack of motivation etc all of which will definitely have a negative impact on school work and results / marks and for some -  acting out, unco-operative/misbehaviour as an outlet / stress-relief. 

Parents have work and then they also have school home work because these days, since the education system / syllabus has been changed (several times) the kids are no longer able to do their homework / projects / assignments on their own, they just can't cope.

Educators have tons of administrative work so when they go home they take their work with them, which means their work day doesn't end when they leave work. 

For the past few years the kids have been returning to school earlier in January, when I was at school we returned 20 / 21 January - maybe 18 January if it was sooner a particular year. 

The system is broken & depleting all parties involved. It needs to be repaired so that it can be nurturing, nourishing, empowering and other such positive qualities.

Please do not rob our kids of even more of their childhood, it is tough enough as it is. Allow them to experience some of the joy, pleasure, excitement, adventure & carefreeness that is their due & what childhood is supposed to be. 

Please take care of our "national assets". 

Thank you for taking the time to read. 

Kindest Regards 

A concerned parent