Allow the students of Elliott Hudson College to wear shorts

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As of present the students of Elliott Hudson college are not allowed to wear shorts and would be disciplined should they turn up to college in them, what follows is a broken down list of why this rule should be repealed:

The heat

One reason commonly used is that wearing shorts would be a distraction to students and staff. Surely you realise that the heat is much more of a distraction? This is especially important as the warm weather falls around exam season, ask yourself the question what is more distracting, heat which is proven to make it harder to think straight or the legs of the person next to you? 


Look at the excuse of legs being a distraction to learning and there is no other way to take it then as an insult, to both students and staff. Is the faculty really suggesting that bright students and staff would be so unable to stop fixating on other's legs that it would negatively affect their ability to work? I urge anyone who has felt so distracted by the sight of legs that they have not been able to work properly to come forward because as of yet I have yet to hear of this happening. 


An argument that may be used by the college as it was with hoodies is that "Shorts do not look professional". I think this is a terrible argument as again it is an insult to the students that faculty believe the students will be unable to cope with having to dress smartly in a business environment, the students know they won't be able to walk into a meeting wearing shorts but this isn't a business meeting, the impressions the students make on others do not matter if the results of the A-levels do not stack up because they were distracted by the heat. The faculty is prioritising how the students look at how well the grades come out and for a college that preaches acceptance, this is not a very acceptable thing to do.


The college allows skirts to be worn, but not shorts? It baffles many of the students that the college allows skirts to be worn but not shorts, what is the difference except skirts being more open at the bottom? Many Males and even many Females feel uncomfortable wearing skirts so why should that be their only option? It shouldn't.

Final Note

I want to end by clarifying that the students are not asking for extremely short shorts, they are asking for a rule change that allows sensible shorts to be worn. I urge whoever ends up reading this to not just dismiss it and at the very least allow this as an opportunity to open up a dialogue, a civilised debate as to the reasons you believe they should not be allowed, allow the students to be in the loop.

Thank you   

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