Racism in Scottish schools

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  • Hi everyone, this is a petition to make the staff and headteacher of Firrhill High school stand up and protect its pupils and hear the voice of  it’s pupils. You may not be from Edinburgh, you might be in the USA, Switzerland, Poland, Canada , Spain..... but if what your seeing/reading/hearing is wrong please sign. This will make a difference. Thank you x

There is currently a boy at Firrhill high school who has repeatedly racially abused pupils. In class while teachers are present and over Social media. He sends pupils the most vile sexual and twisted messages over social media. Threatens to rape and stab pupils. I’ve now also been told he has a rape and kill list. He’s threatened to bring a knife to school, He has told pupils to kill themselves. This boy is escalating in his behaviour and it’s extremely worrying. I will not name him, but I believe if we stand together we can change this. 

The boy is affecting so many peoples mental health and well being with his behaviour. There are pupils who are suicidal because of this pupil. 

He must be removed from this high school  and not allowed to continue this disgusting abuse. 

He repeatedly calls pupils the N word. 
he makes fake accounts and says the most vile things you can imagine to pupils. 
He has racially abused another child so badly and smashed the windows at their home that the child had to move school. And still he remains protected from the school and in Firrhill high school.
 It’s time something was done about this before he damages anymore children or worse. He is affecting a whole school community in the most disgusting way.

if this boy is not able to follow the same rules as the rest of the pupils, he should not be in mainstream high school. There is clearly a need for someone to step in and remove this pupil and have him placed somewhere more suitable. 

This is going to have a huge affect on the pupils involved directly or indirectly for the rest of their lives and they will remember for the rest of their lives how no one stood up for what is right. No one protected them. 
The pupils past and present and parents deserve a public apology from Firrhill high school for their failings.

please sign and stand up for what’s right. 
we can change this. 
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Let’s do what’s right.


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