Jamie’s Law

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The story behind Jamie’s law starts with a young boy who got in over his head, He had a son with someone who was very unstable. 

This girl had psychotic tendencies. Due to being in care herself from the age of five she was taken in by a foster couple, Who raised her into early adulthood. Her life wasn’t overly awful and does not warrant nor justify her behaviour.
With many little things in between the years with harassment, Arguments, Public Scenes And abusive behaviour. Throughout her pregnancy she would stalk her ex, Make his life a living hell and show no care for her unborn child. 2 weeks before she gave birth she attacked a friend of her ex’s who she had targeted due to this girl simply knowing of her ex.
She spread many lies and despite the proof of the attack the police did nothing. She would continue to stalk her ex’s friends especially this one practical girl. One day when this girl was heavily pregnant herself she and her friends decided to put them both at risk with dangerous diving, Again the police did nothing. Many reports had been made against her to the police by many different people. For dangerous driving, Harassment, Assault and despite all the evidence The police and social services still did nothing. The boys father had reported every incident to social service to do things correctly, He had pled and begged them to see the danger his son was in and to allow him custody, they did no care and allowed this to continue. Due to working full time he could not afford to take her to court. This girl had her son out until all hours of the night par taking in dangerous driving with her new born in the car for hours on end stuck in a car seat, She would leave him alone in a car in a car park and would give him away with every chance she got. They tried mediation and agreed on certain days the father tho only suppose to be having his son on 3 days out of the week he ended up having him practically 7 days a week. I’m on Occasion He had his son for 3 weeks straight As she didn’t want him. Social service knew of all of this but did nothing, It all lead up until the day she gave her son to the grandmother she threw him at her without warning expressed some fail language and said she was going to a festival she abandoned her son and had made plans to move abroad leaving her son behind.
There is so many more incidents in between, these are just the most important involving the child. Social services and the police failed them which lead to where we are today. The child was in danger with a mother who didn’t care for him leaving her abrupt exit from his life. This isn’t acceptable and could have been avoided. This is why we need Jamie’s law.

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