ICSE French needs better organisation

ICSE French needs better organisation

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Why this petition matters

Started by Deval Ghosh

Dear Mr. Arathoon,

As teachers of French as a foreign language, we would like you to know that teaching and learning French in ICSE board is becoming increasingly challenging, and we would like to request you to make a BIG difference by bringing about some positive changes in the curriculum as well as in the testing method.

As teachers of French, we request for a better coordination between Teachers and the Council. Our requests are as follows :

1. Level of language for the Board exams as per European standards of A1 or A2 or B1 to be determined and declared for Group 1 French, Group 2 French as well as Group 3 French.

2. It would be of great relevance if the exam be child- friendly with an aim of them using this modern foreign language in real life situations, rather than testing on grammar nuances and knowledge of vocabulary only. We could have a structured curriculum like other boards in term of vocabulary, topics and grammar. We could also test the children in speaking capabilities as that is not something that most students are able to do even after studying French for two to five years.

3. When a specimen question paper is released, the pattern needs to be followed in the board paper too. Changing it causes confusion and fear amongst the students. Essay topics and other writing assignments could be a little more specific to a textbook or particular topics already prescribed by the Board. ICSE is getting to be known for giving tough topics for essay writing which are generally too tough for the children to attempt creating good content.

If the Council takes these suggestions and makes a difference to the way we at ICSE teach French, we are sure it will bring about a very positive change in the students and the way the language is perceived too.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this petition. In hope of a fruitful response from your end,


Teachers of French of the ICSE Board 

1,491 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!