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Dear Hamburg High School staff and students alike,

Recently due to the uprise of vaping or using electronic cigarettes the bathrooms have been  limited to two people at all times, and there is only 3 bathrooms in the entire high school to use because most have been shut down. The students who do not vape should not be harmed by those that do. This policy limits class time as students spend most of their time simply waiting to just use the bathroom. Regardless of this though vaping is still not stopped, just somewhat limited. When someone has to go to the bathroom and it’s an emergency, they should not be stopped and forced to wait in a line. With these policies in place it is very inconvinent and wastes precious time of students. I am asking that this  policy is removed and is instead placed with something that gives us students more freedom.

If you stand with me sign this petition and #FreeThePee or stand by and let this happen every day and more students oppressed.


Jacob Kochersberger.