Recognize "Ram Setu" as the 8th Wonder of the World!

Recognize "Ram Setu" as the 8th Wonder of the World!

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Karan vir Arora started this petition to Mr.G.Kishan Reddy {The Cultural Minister of India} (Cultural Minister)

What does the name “India” trigger in you? What about Bharat/Bharath?

In a world which operates as a symbiosis between man and nature, what role does a ‘surname’ have? Well the answer isn’t that complicated! We all live in a world where our identity is paramount. But let us introspect once more and look for who we really are and what is our true identity.

After diving deep, we realize that the answer is hidden in our own past. Like our surname establishes our connection to our ancestors and ancient blood line, in the same way, our country’s past lies in its roots, and this tree connects you to a larger universal identity.

So I ask you again, what is Bharat for you? One would say that the name is inspired or borrowed from the legend of Shakuntala & King Dushyant where their Son’s name was “Bharat”.

But let’s not forget our land’s countless Heroes, Heroin's, Warriors/Kshatriyas, Rishis, learned men, Gods and Goddesses that made our culture. Through eons, all the great seers, Rishis, Gurus, Ved’s, the ancient authors and codifiers wrote and organized numerous Vedic ancient texts providing us with insurmountable deep knowledge of Vedic sciences and our ancient ways of life. Some gave us real hope and inspiration that facilitated us with power to break impossible barriers of life!

These legends are not weaved out of imagination neither are they just fairy tales narrated just to teach moral values, or they are no mere “Mythology” as the west proposes most of India’s Ancient history as, but these are legends that actually took place!

These Epics of humongous proportions with Heroes, Gods, Monsters and real spiritual Superheroes are better than any Fictional movie. One such epic was written by the great Vanara Lord God Hanuman on stone slabs with his bare hands, much before Valmiki the great author and codifier of this legend thousands of years ago. Such is the grandiosity of this story. A legend twice the size of Iliad & odyssey, an epic filled with action , adventure, family, politics, betrayal and spirituality but most of all it is an epitome of “Love” immortalized in time and  the cosmos or as we say in Sanskrit - ‘Brahmaand’.  A God who was born Mortal, who risked everything for his integrity and father’s word, a loyal Son a loving brother & finally a husband who built a legendary bridge made of floating rocks across a raging vast ocean itself!- 48 Kms in length built to save his wife  who was in the clutches of a very powerful Demon ie Rakshasha King known as “Ravana”. This Legend I speak of is none other that


Shri Ram built this seemingly ‘fictional’ incredible bridge along with his mighty Vanarsena ,an armada of animals and his very loyal brother Lakshman. They crossed this bridge and fought a huge army lead by a evil, narcissistic & incredibly powerful King- fighting against a juggernaut of Rakshashas, yakshas, yakshis, shapeshifters and weapons of mass destruction! With all this happening around him he was still able to focus on unleashing the greatest weapon of mass destruction in the world made The Brahmastra(Nuclear Weapon) on Ravana and his army, and subsequently saving his wife, Sita from a living hell!

So why did I narrate you this story? That would be very reductionist if I were to put our Identity upon this metaphor-‘Symbol of love’. However, this symbol is more than just a story. This is a graveyard built on an ancient Shiv Temple “Tejo Mahalay”.Sadly the actual greatest symbol of true love has been kept away from us and hidden in the darkness for almost 1200 years! First came the Mughals who plundered and destroyed everything we stood and believed in and then the Colonial Britisher’s who white washed us even more by luring us into the fraud theory of 19th century Marxist mindset of Aryan invasion.  The truth however tells us that we are the real Aryans, there was never an invasion!

Besides all the lies, these colonialists & so called Indoligists/Linguists left behind two things post their exit:  Tea and the Nehru’s.

Congress continued their bidding of further corrupting and brain washing us- hence we forgot who we really were and where we came from.In 1998, they wanted to destroy our identity, by claiming that our roots are a myth! They claimed in front of the Supreme Court that Shri Ram never existed, hence neither did the Bridge of Ram that I speak of.

However, the true crusaders of truth like Subramanium Swamy ji and the national parties of our country stood up and and stalled the dismantling of this amazing wonder of the world!

Just as Ram needed an Alliance, and army- We need to get together as well. This aforementioned bridge is the Rams Bridge- Popularly known as the Ram Setu, deceitfully globally known as the Adams bridge even though it has nothing to do with Adam as Nasa proclaims it to be!

There are 300 Versions written of Ramayana worldwide all mentioning this one miraculous bridge.

My only earnest request to the The Honorable cultural Minister of our country Mr.G.Kishan Reddy is -to make this bridge the 8th Wonder of the world. This man-made bridge which along with having a Symbolic importance, has also been proven scientifically by Nasa.

Doesn’t it make this bridge the 8th wonder of world?
Our identity is not based upon a so called symbol of love which actually was built by the common labor of Bharat and who later who were handicapped, so that they could never make it again for anyone else. Taj Mahal is a graveyard built on an ancient Hindu temple of one of our most revered God of gods!

It is but a showdown to Indians to remind them of the insult and horrific holocaust they were put though that killed millions of Hindus over the 1200 yrs of countless invasions.

We have been brain washed/white washed time in again with misinformation for years now, by a dynastic based party like Congress to peddle the greatest lies in history .We don’t want to destroy or replace anything but just to recognize our true identity, to recognize the actual greatest symbol of love –

“The RAM SETU!!”

I am attaching an Articles to further solidify the points aforementioned:


Sign this petition. To ensure dignity to our true ancient Indian roots & honor our ancestors for their countless sacrifices!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!