No school the day after halloween for Lakota Local School District.

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The students and parents of Lakota Local Schools are in preparation for halloween, which is coming up in 10 days, next Thursday. Halloween is a time for Trick or Treating, handing out candy, having get togethers with friends, or fun costume parties. Halloween is one of the students favorites holidays, as it is always a night of fun. Not to mention the sweet candies. Halloween is also a night where students can stay up late with friends and/or family, eating candy, hanging out, or simply just sitting around a fire and conversing. 


     Lakota Schools are all scheduled to have school on Friday, November 1st, the day after Halloween. This is what I am petitioning to change. The students and an abundance of parents will be quite tired after Halloween night. Not having school on Nov. 1 would be quite appreciated by the student body. It would also reap benefits for both students and staff. Some of the reasons/benefits for cancelling school on this day include the following:

• Better productivity from students - No one is ever productive when they are tired. Having all the students come in after a long and busy night would just be illogical. 

• Homework completion - This extra day off would allow students to complete all the homework they would receive on Thursday. A lot of students will barely be home on Thursday, with school in the morning and afternoon, and then the preparation for the long night to come, and of course then going out, which sometimes lasts into the AMs.

• Allowing teachers to prepare/get organized for Monday - Teachers have a difficult job, having to keep up everyday with new lessons and projects. This day could allow the teachers to prepare great lessons for the new school week. They could also use this time to make assignments, grade tests, or simply get organized too.

• Simply allow people to rest - Sleep. It is a beautiful thing. And taking away the precious hours of sleep that the students need to be productive with their days seems very counterproductive. This day would allow students to simply refuel their own bodies in preparation for Monday. 


Thank you for taking the time to look over this petition. We would greatly appreciate your involvement in this, it takes just seconds to sign. And thank you to the administrative team at the Lakota Local Schools, we all greatly appreciate what you do for us.