Fairmont's Grade 8s should receive Matric badges in Matric

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As of 2018, Fairmont's new grade 8s will be receiving badges titled 'Monty Matric 2022'. The grade 8s will receive this badge on Monday, 22nd January 2018, as part of their grade 8 induction ceremony. These badges have already been purchased.

The suggested compromise to this problem would be to present the grade 8s with their badges once they have reached Matric in 2022.

The recent unrest of the student body has caused the Representative Council of Learners to formulate this petition. The following reasons have been sourced from the learners, and justify why grade 8s should not receive Matric badges:

  1. When everyone possesses a matric badge, it makes the badge lack significance.
  2. All those years above grade 8, have had to wait 5 years before receiving their Matric badges. On the basis of equality, the current grade 8s should have to follow the same process. 
  3. One does not grant a privilege before it has been earned. 
  4. Some grade 8s may fail/leave and not matriculate in 2022 at Fairmont High School.
  5. The way in which these badges were introduced was poorly communicated to the school. Important role players in the school were not consulted with which include the learners, Matric council and RCL. 
  6. The purpose of a Matric badge is to make you identifiable as a matriculant at Fairmont High School. The granting of these badges in grade 8 completely undermines this concept and can cause confusion. (Especially if the badges are to be standardised; complications at Cafe Monty's Matric line would also arise)
  7. The grade 8s have no say as of now, in the design of their Matric badge.
  8. By Matric little to no one possesses a name badge; it'll be logistically problematic to constantly replace lost badges.
  9. It is not a necessary tradition to introduce.
  10. Conflict between grades may arise, as other grades feel as though they are not being treated equally.

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