We want Ed Vaizey MP–Minister for Culture, Communications & Creative Ind, to ‘ring-fence’ 20% spending from annual BBC licence fee revenue, to reflect African, Asian and ethnic minorities.

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We want Ed Vaizey MP–Minister for Culture, Communications & Creative Ind, to ‘ring-fence’ 20% spending from annual BBC licence fee revenue, to reflect African, Asian and ethnic minorities.

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OneMillion Households started this petition to Mr. Ed Vaizey MP (Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries)

This petition is in support of Mr Lenny Henry CBE a founder member of One Million Households; a UK based online campaign to represent the combined spending power of African households in the UK, via the Blackpound. One Million Households have 23,000+ supporters boast over 25 MP’s and MEP’s.

We want the UK African community, their family and loved ones, as well as business and other legally related friends in the UK have Her Majesties Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Mr. Ed Vaizey MP, make financial provisions in the UK broadcasting media for funds to be ‘ring-fenced’, (separately and specially) put aside, by provision in respect of the percentage of people in ethnic minority households in the UK. Given that the Scottish and various broadcasting regions have such special provision, in the UK yet only make-up, 9% of the UK population, compared with over 14% in respect of ethnic minorities’

We should like to see the whole UK African, Asian and ethnic minority communities get behind this petition, as well as their families, loved ones, friends, and close associates, to force a change in legislation, trough the office of Her Majesties Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, via the UK parliamentary legislator process.

This petition is even more important as for the past 50 years, (half a century) in the UK African, Asian and ethnic minorities have had limited representation on the BBC especially in respect of employment and contracts for business services, so much so, that the number of people in the African, Asian community, is more in percentage than the proportion of funding. Which means that we have over 50 years of not getting our monies worth from the TV licence fee, as opposed the wider, society. This is more important, at a time when unemployment among our children under the age of 25, is at a record high of 45% compared with their White counterparts.

This petition is not just about seeing more African and Asian people and those of other ethnic minorities on the TV. It’s about these communities getting an equal share of the action. Getting in on contracts for filming, writing, producing, on scene and behind the sense services such as catering, lighting, sound engineers etc. Contracts for ‘support services’ such as; chauffer’s, caterers, cleaners, legal advisors, accountants, consultants, agents, advisors within the broadcasting, media, and creative industries, that benefit from the TV license fee payments made by our households in the UK.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10607480 ;

If you could also email Mr. Ed Vaizey MP, directly, to express your view vaizeye@parliament.uk

Or sending the DRAFT EMAIL – Please just click the TV Collective linkhttp://www.thetvcollective.org/2014/04/23/lenny-henrys-call-to-action-getinvolved/   To copy and paste the DRAFT EMAIL


We have Dr Mark Dean, an African American scientist who gave ‘US’ the computer and the ‘digital technology’ platform which the Internet runs on, to USE and ‘raise ourselves up’… Let’s do great things in Dr. Mark Dean’s honour…  Let’s USE the Internet to do just that... Raise ourselves UP spiritually, socially, politically and economically...

Please, if you haven’t joined, the One Million Households online campaign, ensure you have that boast; I was into the campaign from the very BEGINNING! If you’d like to be actively involved, please get in touch via the contact details.

They’ve seen the colour of OUR money – Now, lets show them… The money of OUR Colour! ™

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UK Blackpound Page: 50+ Supporters - www.facebook.com/pages/Blackpound-UK/632846030103439



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