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Mr Dzjambazov - The Mayor of Dolna Banya, Bulgaria: Please allow construction of entrance road to Golf Club Ibar

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Dear Mr. Dzjambazov,

As you will be aware a large number of property owners at Golf Club Ibar pay their taxes and fees to the Dolna Banya Municipality every year. Additionally the municipality receive significant revenue from Golf Club Ibar AD, probably your biggest tax contributor and the largest investment to come to the Dolna Banya area in the last 20 years. These are funds which all of us pay with the expectation that they will be duly utilized for infrastructural improvements and community and social acquisitions which will improve the quality of life for the people living in the area. Unfortunately the Dolna Banya municipality which is af ounder and a shareholder in Golf Club Ibar AD has not only not invested any funds in the infrastructure around Golf Club Ibar, but during the last several years they appear to have been doing everything possible to see this project fail. To us as citizens of the European Union who have invested very large sums of money in the area of Dolna Banya, the manner in which we have been treated we find completely unjustified and unacceptable. Although Golf Club Ibar has not yet been completed, we visit as often as we can, have made friend shere and with the funds we spend on our visits continue to contribute to the economy with the hope that life in this beautiful place can be improved. The tax revenue and contributions to the local economy could have been so much higher if construction of Golf Club Ibar had been completed. We are sure you will agree that had there been a normal public and private partnership, Dolna Banya could have become a highly preferred destination attracting many visitors, investors and ultimately prospering. Instead we have had economic decline and deadlock.

Therefore we think it is now time to put an end to what has been a very unproductive period.As a first step we would request that you give permission for the road connecting the Kostenets - Dolna Banya main road and the entrance of the Ibar Golf Complex (the so called Prokara) to be renovated at the expense of Golf Club Ibar.

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