Allow students the option to request a reprinted yearbook

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We, Alyssa Perales, Lluvia Villarreal, Emiliano Garcia, and the signed names attached, request that Mr. Donley makes available the option for students to sign up to purchase an edited, reprinted version of the 2018 yearbook if they want one.

If fulfilling this first request is not possible and reprints are not available, we request that Mr. Donley please make all photos taken and added to the yearbook available online for all students to access freely.

The reasons for which we petition for reprinted yearbooks or the photos posted online are the following:

Omitted, or Missing, Elements of the Yearbook
• Missing any pages at the end of book for signatures
• Names of members missing from various clubs (French, Spanish, Cinematography, etc.) next to their group photos, while other clubs do have lists
• NHS Homecoming Representatives’ picture missing
• Title of “Best Hair” missing beside student’s photos in Senior Favorites
• Staff member cropped out of a group photo on page 204
• List of FFA group members lists one student as “David” without a surname
• Girls’ Golf is absent in the yearbook, Boys’ Golf is present
Misrepresentation of Students in Photos, Quotes, or Captions
• In baby pictures, Brigette Treviño appears twice: once with an abbreviated first name, the other with an incorrect name
• Some quotes on the Seniors With Jobs pages, and the statement by the Homecoming King and Queen were not stated by the students they were attributed to
• On Disney Days page, the character in the caption does not match Hannah Moreno’s costume
• The name “Alexis Parra” appears twice in the Homecoming Representatives pages, once under a different representative’s picture
• Multiple surnames are abbreviated in the Homecoming Representatives pages while some are not. In addition, some abbreviations also do not match the student’s true surname
• A photo of a softball player is captioned with the name “Kayla Ochoa” over another player’s picture 
• Franky Escobar is given a different officer title in the Drama Club photos
• “Sweetheart” category is repeated in Senior Favorites page 
Errors in Individual Student Pictures
• Glued-in photo of senior student
• Jerardo Gonzalez missing in the individual senior pictures. His name is under a picture of Daisy Rodriguez, spelled differently
• Daisy Rodriguez’ senior picture appears twice
• Haran Rodriguez’ name is under a girl’s picture
• Alex De La Peña (senior) is in the juniors section of individual pictures
• Edward Mendoza (freshman) is in the sophomores section of individual pictures
Unclear, or Unfinished Formatting
• Pixelated photographs and backgrounds
• Watermarked backgrounds and clipart
• On some pages, text is almost overlapping photos
• Some pictures heavily distorted, or stretched
• Request that select pages printed in black and white (art club and senior posters) to be printed with color instead for clarity
• Multiple colors, font styles, and the placement of titles and captions on the Senior Favorites pages make the categories and winners difficult to read
Spelling and Grammar Errors
• Misspelling of “Tinna” Mendoza in staff page.
• Misspelling of Mariana “Peralez” in NHS page
• Misspelling of Karla “Veles” on page 212
• Misspelling of Alyssa “Perez”
• Capitalization error: On several pages, “Ej” De La Garza with a lowercase ‘j’
• Capitalization error: Kyle “luna” with lowercase ‘L’ on page 84
• Spelling error: 1 ‘r’ in Lluvia Villarreal’s surname
• Grammar error: some seniors’ names do not have ñ character, while the ñ later appears in other students’ names
• Grammar error: Valeria Hernandez’ Senior Throwback caption reads “freshmen” instead of “freshman”
Student Dissatisfaction
• Some students have returned their books in exchange for refunds due to quality
• Some senior students are disappointed not by the abundance of photos depicting underclassmen, but at the lack of photos including seniors
• Some students have expressed distaste at clipart of a black convict arrested by a white policeman on the Criminal Justice page


Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge, we understand the students contributing to the yearbook were doing as their instructor told them to. However, we believe the instructor has a responsibility to overlook the final product for any typos, mistakes, or other issues due to time constraints. We believe that by petitioning this year, we may prevent stress for students, yearbook editors, and the yearbook sponsor due to errors in future years, as well as prevent any monetary losses for the yearbook in the future. It is for this reason, and the above stated, that we petition.

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