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Retraction of United States and Iranian Nuclear Agreement.

In regards to the Iranian Nuclear Deal, I would like to ask President Obama why he did not consult the citizens of this great country, the United States, who have actually endured and experienced daily life in Iran.

I would like to know why the President has ignored that Iran is run by Sharia Law, which is inhumane, barbaric and enforces unequal rights for women.

Does President Obama know (or care) that under Sharia Law, a woman’s voice is only worth ½ of a man’s voice?

Does President Obama know (or care) that if a woman is accused of adultery she will be stoned to death? And the operative word here is “accused.”

Does President Obama know (or care) that a husband is allowed to beat his wife?

Does President Obama know (or care) that a husband can have up to 4 wives?

Does President Obama know (or care) that if a girl or a woman is raped, it is her fault, not the rapist’s, and if she tells anyone, she will receive public lashings (at best)?

This list goes on. Sharia Law has no place in a civilized world, and for President Obama to facilitate the Islamic country of Iran to acquire nuclear weapons is also to facilitate handing over all woman’s rights and lives into the arms of Sharia Law.

Mr. President, why did you not ask us women who have escaped from Iran for our insight? Why did you not ask us about our experiences and about our opinions? Why do you turn your back on us?

President Barack Hussein Obama, I want to know why my voice was not heard before you finalized the Nuclear Deal with Iran. YOU are personally responsible for the Nuclear Deal and I demand that not only my voice, but the voices of millions of other women who have suffered under the Islamic Republic be heard as well.

And Mr. President, every name you see on this petition demands that you RETRACT the Nuclear Deal with Iran and that the Islamic Republic should NEVER be allowed to attain nuclear weapons’ capability.

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