Peace Talk Initiative for World Leaders

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My story is complicated to understand but to those curious and smart peoples who want to know the truths.

Dear World and World leaders,

I, Nesar Ahmad HEWAD, Afghan citizen, a French government scholar, living in France since September 2015.

After my bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Kabul University which is known for its reputation in Kabul for the support and collaboration with American university of Kansas, I came to France to pursue my Master of electronics and go back and serve my war wrecked country. According to my plan and my dream everything went well, except some things, which are very big things today. I am planning to start working with NOKIA for Test and Validation of 5G Wireless Technology which I am very excited for but this is only the positive side.

In contrast, I am a human and I feel sadness and love. In other words, I have a higher EQ than normal so it’s easy for me to sympathize and feel the loneliness and mixtures of good and bad in everyone including myself. This is our very normal human nature and in some cases it can provoke love and hate in people. I have chosen love and so did my friends so it’s up to you, what you chose for me now.

During my complicated situation of life and struggle for survival, I learned and thus confirm that no matter what color or religion we have, our source of existence is the same. We are all a dispersed light which appears in different colors and beliefs.

We are a reflected sunshine from the surface of earth, which appears to be conscious out of love and harmony. We are a drop among the ocean and we are all one universe within and without. We all come from the same source and beyond that no one knows and no one will ever discover.

I respect all religions and races. I am born Afghan in a muslim family and I am living an adventurous and wonderful life together with my two lovely brothers Elham Ahmad and Emran Ahmad WARDAK in cohabitation with my second family like friends, a respected French couple, Mr. Jean Jacques Paul and Mrs. Fabienne Paul “born in Christian and Jew families respectively ” and their dear daughter Rachel which is like a sister friend for me. �

Thanks to my lovely parents (Ahmad Shah Wardak and Shafiqa Wardak) and this amazing french family and of course my own struggles and my sleepless nights of working, I achieved a French Government Scholarship (BGF) which has given me the chance to educate myself and my brothers peacefully in France.

They have welcomed me and my brothers with love and care when we had no place to go in France after my scholarship ended.

Now we celebrate kindness and harmony everyday, we celebrate all ceremonies of all cultures. We are proud to have this harmony and diversity between each other.

This is an act of immense kindness that they helped us not to lose hope and peace. I have heard the voice of a Jewish mom for love in my french step-mom Fabienne. This is to my own Muslim mom who is angry with me now to protect me but I want to respond back with love.

I want to send my parents this message of love that even though I love my french family and friends, I love you even more because you are together the only source who gave life to me for which I am honored. I love you and respect you so much. Please stop listening to and responding to negativity and let me live my life and do my good work here in France for a few time. I can’t promise but I will do my best to hug you soon in Paris or Kabul after deciding to trust myself and do my responsibility by giving myself the courage to take this big risk but only for something worthy and meaningful.

My openness and curiosity to find the unknown led me to get till here, but after this all, I cannot do it alone, it’s not possible alone to fight against obscurity and ignorance of a species. That’s why I invite you all to be united in love and connected by kindness.

I was positively provoked to violence and ambiguity but I had already chosen light and knowledge very earlier in my life. Thanks to the sufi practice of Islam, I learned the true meaning of self awareness and love. Thank you so much my dear Ustad. So whether my parents and friends and the world supports me for this cause or I will maybe wait and give up on this initiative and live my life as a passive scientist to work for the betterment of technology and connectivity between people

It’s not so complicated as you think. It’s just love and kindness but I assure you my message is strong.

I believe it’s the right time for the right message to transmit around the world, so I don’t shut the door to Peace Talks and negotiations.

We want peace for my poor country and all Muslims as much as we want peace and a unified homeland for Jewish people, and we want Christians to never stop loving us because we are different and I am pretty sure they will love and care for us.

We are all the same, we should let those poor people in my country and around the world who suffers hate and terrorism survive and evolve. We want an end to this conflict of religions and power and angry politics. We should definitely exercise love, peace and harmony globally to survive as human species in order not to destroy ourselves and our only planet by careless usage of our powerful energy sources like nuclear energy by creating nuclear weapons. I had crossed Zhala Sarmast, an Afghan nominee to Noble Peace Prize together with her cycling team and I want her to win this prize next time. She has inspired me to this very strongly and deeply.

I invite the world leaders from all countries and nations to gather together for a peace talk, where no president threat another because he’s more powerful or angry or who he want to become more powerful and angry.

We should not answer hate with hate. We can vanish all our enemies by becoming friend with them. There’s no weak and strong, we change and switch places along the history.

We should love ourselves and all other human beings as one self, we should practice pardon and kindness in case of conflict.

There’s no “you and me”, there’s only one “us” together and that’s “we all humans, this planet, animals and nature”.

We celebrated Hanukkah and Yalda last week and tomorrow we celebrate Christmas and wait for Eid, Holi and Buddhist ceremonies. I pray for peace and unity between religions, nations and peoples.

Waiting to your respond, with a proud and frightened smile out of love and life � ��

Nesar and all who ever loved and hated him, I love you equally and I am a very poor without you and my knowledge.

PS. My country Afghanistan is not just to Afghans, it’s a global space where cultures, religions and civilizations crashed so it must be protected with care and attention together with all other countries. We will soon open back our doors. May our species survive and my love get acceptance and may one day we live without frontiers on our only home for now, The earth. Support us please!