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Mr. Ed Woodward ,Chief Executive Manchester United FC: Establish A Womens Football Team at Man.United FC


Manchester United took over a womens team in 2000.The team had previously been around as the 'Corinthians ' for 20 years. Then in 2005,two months after the Glazer family became 'owners' the women's team were dumped on the official grounds that they were "not part of the core business". Females who support, who go to games and buy from United shops all over the world ARE part of the core business.

Manchester United FC are conspicuously absent from the fast developing phenomenon of women's football.  Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton and Man City ,in fact all Premiership teams with the SOLE exception of Man.Utd. have a women's team with many of them in the Women's Super League. Now FC United of Manchester who formed their own club when the new owners took over - even with their limited resources, have a women's team! As a lifelong Manchester United fan I think it's time we have a women's team. We are no longer in the 1970's.

The Manchester United brand has the largest female fan base in the UK and worldwide and women's/girls' football is the fastest growing sport worldwide. The establishment of a Man. United women's team would make a positive contribution to raising the profile and kudos of female participation worldwide.

We dont expect less from our club than to equal Liverpool FC.s 'one club same opportunities' policy. Manchester City have given their womens team their own ground.

The longer United delay the more searching the questions why. Is this a purposefully sexist policy?  Is it a question of funding:that would be hard to believe.

We call on the FA to legislate that every premier club must sponsor a womens team or not be part of the premiership. The FA sponsor anti racist and respect campaigns. Females are 51% of the population -what about an anit sexist campaign?

If this is what it looks like: a corporate sexist policy - then it tarnishes the brand of Manchester United, English football and our City and the sooner it is rectified  the better. To date those in control have ignored our quiet diplomatic approach and all communication . One reply to an MP three months after Mr.Moyes was written to talked of a review but since then they do not respond to any communication. We will not go away. We will take every opportunity to step up the campaign. We want change. 

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Letter to
Corporate communications manager Stephanie Toman
Commercial Management Director Richard Arnold
Chief Executive of Manchester United Football Club, Old Trafford Mr. Ed Woodward,
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co -chair Man Utd Joel Glazier
co chair Man Utd Avram Glazier
MP, Sport and Equalities Minister Helen Grant
FA Commission member Rio Ferdinand
Board Member English FA Heather Rabatt
Chair of English FA Greg Dyke
Deputising Manager Ryan Giggs
Please support the establishment of a Women's Football Team at Man.United FC on the same basis as Liverpool FC's "one club same opportunities" policy. Our women's team was dumped in 2005. Now, as the only Premiership club without a women's team and with the largest numbers of female fans, it appears like a corporate sexist policy not to have a women's team. This is no longer acceptable in the top rank of English football -nor is it wise to travel a road which will increasingly tarnish the name and reputation of our club and city and, further down that road, the clubs finances.

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