Keep Tesco at the Elephant!

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Dear Mr Lewis

We are asking you to reconsider the permanent closure of the Tesco Metro store at the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, announced last week.  The closure is not just a shock to Tesco’s loyal customers, it is also a grave blow to the small, independent traders in the shopping centre, whose own businesses depend upon the ‘footfall’ Tesco generates.

Tesco has decided to close the store because it cannot eradicate a pest problem.  We believe that this is problem that is readily solved, with better cooperation between Tesco, our local council (Southwark) and the Centre owners, Delancey. We find it hard to believe that the combined resources of these three organisations can be defeated by mice.

You may be aware that the future of Shopping Centre is uncertain, but we hope that this is not a factor in the decision to close the store.

Tesco has served the local community at the Elephant since the shopping centre opened in 1965 and we would expect it to stand by that community, now it is going through a painful period of disruption and change, because of the ‘regeneration’ of the area.   This show of solidarity would be in accordance with Tesco’s Values – to act responsibly and make a positive contribution to the communities it serves.

The independent traders at the Elephant and Castle come from all over the world and includes a proud and strong Latin American community.  All have worked hard to build successful and prosperous businesses, to support themselves and their families.  They all face difficult challenges into the future, which will be made more difficult if Tesco leaves the shopping centre.  We do not believe Tesco would want this and therefore call upon you to reverse the decision to permanently close the store and commit to remaining at the Elephant, until the Centre’s future is finally settled.

Up the Elephant Campaign