Let Seaworld mammals live where they belong -Liberiamo tutti i mammiferi marini dai parchi

Let Seaworld mammals live where they belong -Liberiamo tutti i mammiferi marini dai parchi

11 maggio 2021
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Mr. Daniel M. Ashe - President and CEO of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums
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A sad and tormented story of “Kasatka”, an orca whale of 42 years old, caught in the year 1978 and sold to the sea world and performed eight shows a day. A mother to four babies, grandmother to six and great grandmother to two. However, her long-term pain of 10 years and the torment to go through it, without her will, unfortunately, claimed her torturous fate through human hands, “DEATH”, again decided by Humans, Veterinarians and Care takers of the San Diego Seaworld.

Currently there are 10 orcas in the San Diego theme park, who claim to be monitoring them constantly for any changes in their behavior. According to the Vets and care takers, they’re saying that they’re heartbroken and miss, ‘Kasatka’ and are doing everything in their power to ensure the health of the remaining Orca family at the, ‘Orca facility’.

But, seriously!!! Are we so naïve to believe that? Looking at the past, beyond, "Kasatka", they already have lost, sorry… Not lost, ‘Killed’, three of, ‘Kasatka’s’ kind. ‘Tillikum’, the whale died in January, ‘Kyra’, a three-month-old calf died three weeks ago, at the ‘Seaworld Antonio Park’.

‘Kasatka’, was already showing signs of aggression and frustration in 1999, when she at one show attacked her own trainer, Mr.Ken Peters, trying to pull him back into the tank. In his own words, ‘Kasatka’s former trainer already had exposed to the, ‘Times of San Diego’, about her health condition, about her massive fungal infection. However, he was completely upset and confused as to why, the media never exposed her state or take pictures of her massive fungal infection which was visibly clear and asked the Seaworld authorities, about her physical condition and how, yet she was forcibly impregnated in Aug 2011, while she was chronically ill with lesions on her face and skin and was on major drugs.

Now, the authorities are mourning her death. The ultimate answer, to such kind of situation, is explained in a very simplified yet factual way, by the President and CEO of the association of Zoos and aquariums.   ‘Mr. Dan. Ashe’, said ‘ Nobody knows about caring for killer whales, more than the professionals at the ‘Seaworld’. REALLY? If so, WHY? They’re dying a slow and painful death? We wouldn’t like to be kept in captivity and forced to entertain others, plus to be experimented on. So, why do we do things that we wouldn’t want to be done upon us? Just because, we can speak? Do we have rights? Or we can rebel. Even, humans at times can’t rebel, this is a voiceless beautiful creation of God!

How, could she say it with words? Although, in actions, she did try to express her feelings of pain and agony, by attacking her own trainer. It’s unimaginable to understand a pain so immense that can’t be voiced out and has to be expressed through actions. This was her last failed attempt.

If they were so good, why did, ‘Kasatka’, go through so much pain and so many experiments to reproduce, while she was ill. Because It’s simply business. The animal and the other mammals have to be alive for their business to run for humans, it’s “Show Business”. Their lives are our source of entertainment. We take our kids and families to have a good time, to enjoy and learn about other species in the world. But think! At, what cost? At the cost of a life suffering and being forced to breed, entertain without their own will. ‘Free Will”, was given by God, as a boon not just to humans, just because we can communicate with each other, doesn’t mean, we only own that gift. Other, species too communicate in their own language. Respect That!

 Why’re we doing this? Would we like us to be put into captivity and kept away from our natural being? Just because, we have free will, do we have the right to misuse it? Take away voice and freedom from another life, just because we can use our free will, be selfish?

Our request is, to set them free and we need your valuable and humane support. Our future generation can go sea-bound and see these beautiful creations in the ocean where they belong, that’s how God meant it to be.

We’re doing something which we wouldn’t want to be done to us,  It’s pure sin and cruelty. Which God didn’t bestow on us. Let’s treat every being created by God respectfully and let them be where they belong. We wouldn’t like it to be a voiceless forced show spectacle, trapped and helpless at the mercy of others' decisions. Then why, would we want that for any living being?

It’s not just about, ‘Kasatka’, It’s to save many more ‘Kasatka’ life’s and to end this way.

Help save lives; let’s not let any life suffer with voiceless pain. Let’s work towards letting them live freely in their own environment and not use them for our experimentation or entertainment. If we wouldn’t like to be treated this way, then we shouldn’t treat another life in that manner too.

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Firme: 3.640Prossimo obiettivo: 5.000
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  • Mr. Daniel M. Ashe - President and CEO of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums