The Forgotten Heroes of the Vietnam War

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Dear Mr Tehan,

We the diggers and people of Australia ask you to direct the Directorate of Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal to conduct an Inquiry into the Battle of Fire Support Bases Coral and Balmoral in the Vietnam War from 12 May to 6 June 1968. We believe that this unique and enormous battle needs to be recognised by awarding all the Australian units involved, the Australian Unit Citation for Gallantry.

During the War in Vietnam, a large group of Australian military units were involved in the biggest series of battles to be fought by the Australian Army since World War Two. It involved a Brigade of two Australian Battalions with their combat support units, logistic units, plus New Zealand soldiers and American combat support units. The battles raged for 26 days between 12 May and 6 June 1968 and ended with an Australian success that was as close to a miracle as you can get. In 2016, a group of Australian diggers who fought at those battles wrote up a submission for the Australian Army to recognize the courage and determination of the Australian units by granting them the Australian Unit Citation for Gallantry. Australian Army Headquarters knocked them back. The diggers now turn to the Minister for Defence Personnel to launch an inquiry into the battle. A short video is attached to this petition for you to see for yourself what happened to these diggers in May and June 1968.

Please sign the petition asking the Minister for Defence Personnel to launch an Inquiry into this battle. Every digger matters. Every voice counts. Thank you.