Fix HHS Parking System

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This year at HHS, the school announced that they would change the way the have done parking from years past. The old system, which had been successfully in effect well up until this year, was replaced. In this new system, there are no assigned parking spots nor any limit to the amount of passes they give out per lot. This allows there to be more passes distributed than there are spot available in a given lot. This new system leaves people to “fend for themselves” in the morning with no guarantee that there will be a spot for them in the PAC or stadium, where the students have paid to park. By the second semester, students who arrive after 7:15 are left to park in the quad parking lot, which means students must walk five minutes to the building in any type of weather. This also gives underclassmen a chance to have equal parking opportunity to upperclassmen. Although that is more democratic, the seniors of the high school have exclusive PAC parking from the other grade levels, which makes the idea of a more “democratic” parking system invalid. 

Let’s change this parking system back to how it used to be!