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Implement all the requirements of the LAW 258/2013 not only the MASS KILLING of stray dogs !

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In the Attention of the Romanian Authorities
In the Attention of the Veterinarina - dog killer - Emil Paraschiv 
In the attention of Veterinarian ( former dog killer ) Danut Pale
In the Attention of Buzau Authorities

We are OUTRAGED to find out that the newly chosen veterinarianto EXTERMINATE the dogs Emil Paraschiv...has STARTED the KILLING of stray dogs LONG before ALL the requirements of the Law 258/2013 have been FULLY implemented.
Suntem oripilati de faptul ca noul veterinar Emil Paraschiv platit de Primaria Buzau a inceput sa UCIDA IN MASA cainii mult inainte ca TOATE prevederile legii 258/2013 si a NormelorMetodologice sa fie IN TOTALITATE aplicate.

Are the dog catchers activities as required by the law ? Do all the dogs captured have an individual records ? Where is the internet site of the shelter, so the people can see each and every dog, for adoption. DO you respect the period of 7 business days for the retriieval of lost dogs, and then 7 more business days for adoption ? DO the locals know the address of the shelter ? Is the shelter OPEN to the public from 10 am to 6 pm, from Monday to Friday ? How much money will the town Hall pay for the KILLING of one dog, for the capture of one dog...and so on.
We hope that the Town Hall Councill will decide, after having a PUBLIC DEBATE with the citizens of Buzau , what is also GOOD for the CITY...Romania has already a very ugly image. Last but not least : how many mass sterilization campaigns did the Town Hall orgainzed ?????????? It appears that the Mayor, The Deputy Mayor and the Council decided to apply ONLY THE KILLING , from the new law, ....NO< this law does not have ONLY one article...YOU must comply to the Law in its entirety...Based on the requirements of the LAW, you can not start killing any dog UNTILL all the others measures stipulated in the law and in the norms have been implemented.
It appears that the new doctor of death for the dogs decided to MAKE his own laws and KILL EVEN DOGS who were reserved to be adopted the next day.
We all are aware of all actions taken before, by another dog killer veterinarian Danut Pale, as well of the fact the the Romanian Court of Auditors investigates the money he GOT for his firm for his " services" in stray dogs managements...LOTS OF MONEY...We also know that you HAVE SPACE in both yourshelter, yet YOU DECIDED TO start the MASSACRE...for what ????? how MONEY ??????

Dorim sa intrebam autoritatile din Buzau daca au pus in aplicare TOATE masurile impuse de lege. Hingherii angajati si platiti, actioneaza conform cerintelor legii ? Au toti cainii capturati fise individuale ? Aveti pagina de internet unde oamenii pot vedea cainii din adapost, in vederea gasirii celor pierduti si/sau a adoptiei celor din adapost ? respectati termenul impus de lege de 7 zile lucratoare pentru recuperarea cainilor de catre cei care i-au pierdut si inca 7 zile lucratoare pentru adoptia celor ramasi in adapost ? Este publica adresa adapostului din Buzau ? Este adapostul deschis publicului de Luni si pana Vineri de la orele 10 la 18 ? Ati stabilit programul de adoptie la distanta ? Ati organizat campanii de adoptie ? Colaboreaza Primaria Buzau cu organizatii locale si internationale pentru protectia animalelor ? .Cat plateste primaria pentru uciderea unui caine si pentru capturarea unui caine ? Speram ca Primaria Buzau va organiza o dezbatere publica referitor la deciziile pe care doreste sa le ia in privinta gestionarii cainilor fara stapan luand in considerare si imaginea oribila pe care Romania o are in lume. Cate campanii de sterilizare in masa a organizat Primaria Buzau pana acum ? Se pare ca edilii Buzaului au hotarat sa aplice DOAR un singur articol din noua lege. NU, aceasta lege NU contine doar un articol...trebuie sa indepliniti cerintele tuturor articolelor din lege si din norme INAINTE de a va apuca sa exterminati cainii...TREBUIE sa aplicati legea in totalitatea ei. ESTE ilegal sa va apucati sa omorati cainii, inainte ca TOATE celelalte masuri impuse de lege sa fie materializate.

The time has come for Romanian authorities to APPLY THE LAWS of their country the way they were written, and to STOP making new laws, locally at the will of a mayor, or a deputy-mayor, or who know who..NOW, Romania MUST remain a STAT OF LAW. We will monitor the way Romanian national and local authorities apply the law and we will let the word and Europeans officials know who are those who DO NOT WANT to do so.

A venit momentul ca autoritatile romane sa APLICE legile tarii lor, asa cum au fost ele create si sa NU mai faca legi noi, ad-hoc din dorinta sau ordinul primarului, al vice-primarului sau a cine stie cui. Romania TREBUIE sa dovedeasca lumii ca este un STAT de DREPT. Vom monitoriza felul in care autoritatile romane, locale si nationale, aplica lege si ii vom reclama oficialilor din UE pe cei care NU vor aplice IN totalitate legile tarii lor.

Thank you

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