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Chairman Elias wants to Save Golden Pin Lanes!

Felicia Chew Community Projects

Dec 4, 2018 — 

Get involved!

1. Participate in the Call to the Audience today at 9am at Pima County Supervisors meeting

2. Participate in the Call to the Audience tonight at 5:30pm at Mayor and Council meeting.


Members of the Core Team met with Chairman Elias yesterday morning. The following is an excerpt of a follow-up email to Chairman Elias, and members of the community including County Supervisors and Administrator, and Mayor and Council:

1. There appears to be a desire to Save Golden Pin Lanes by electeds, as evidenced by the meetings that have been held and are scheduled over the next two weeks, including meetings with yourself, Supervisor Bronson, Councilman Durham, Mr. Huckelberry, and City Parks and Rec Director Davis

2. A decision must be made this month in order for Golden Pin Lanes league bowlers to re-commit to the Bowl.

3. My understanding is that your concern is to have a County owned facility in the Miracle Mile area to provide service to nearby residents who may be dependent on public transportation, specifically the women in need of support services. This is honorable, respectful, and makes sense. It would also be honorable, respectful, and make sense to continue to improve transportation services to keep open Golden Pin Lanes, which provides temporary respite for individuals, including women, walking along Miracle Mile during the heat of the day, and which also provides quality, affordable entertainment for people with lower incomes, and which also provides jobs for members of our community.

4. My understanding is that the City owns the land behind the Westside substation. It has been suggested that the City and County trade parcels (Golden Pin Lanes for the parcel behind the Westside substation). This would make sense, and could follow the model of the Eastside substation and library facilities, while integrating the other facilities that are outlined for the Golden Pin Lanes parcel. I have also contacted Mayor Rothschild regarding the City operating Golden Pin Lanes under the City Parks and Rec program.

5. The Press release is attached for reference.

1. Is the County open to a land trade of equal value with the City (specifically to trade Golden Pin Lanes for a City owned parcel in the desired location)?

2. Would you support this trade?

3. If this trade is supported and approved, can bowlers be informed, so they can sign up for 2019 leagues?

1. Saving Golden Pin Lanes is important and significant to members of the Core Team and members of the community. We have submitted over 1000 signatures on paper petitions, and have approximately 400 online signatures.

2. The inability to move this process along more quickly was due to uncertainty of who to contact to move the process along.

3. The lack of attendance at all Calls to the Audience is not due to disinterest in Saving Golden Pin Lanes, but for many reasons, including work schedule conflicts.

Felicia Chew
Save Golden Pin Lanes
Resident, Pima County, District 3

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