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Mr. Chris Grayling. M.P.: Waver the restrictions against my 'typed' pet (pitbull B.S.L)

He is still under sentence and doesn't have adequate 'quality' of life because of strict rules of his exemption

Letter to
Mr. Chris Grayling. M.P.
Dear Mr. Grayling M.P.

I am writing to you about the current Breed Specific Legislation for “Dangerous” Dogs.

As I understand it for the foreseeable future there are no plans to review the law.

I am the owner and keeper of a cross-breed dog, taken and typed as “Pitbull” The authorities kept my dog, causing obvious distress to myself and my children for 10 very long months. The conclusion was an estimated £20,000 bill to the tax payer for his keep, including a court case, a solicitor, a criminal record for myself, even although I am 47 years old with no previous convictions and currently trying to find a job to support my family as I've just suffered a marriage breakdown and cancer. The prospect of working now seems very unlikely. However, that is not my reason for writing.

As a registered and exempted dog, Spud now has to wear a muzzle and a lead everywhere he goes in public as I'm sure you are aware. There are very strict laws covering the length of his leash and other restrictions he now has to conform with. Failure to do so, would result in him being put straight to sleep.

Bull breeds by nature are extremely agile, high energy dogs. Spud (that's his name) would excel at agility classes, which I researched in an attempt to alleviate his current boredom and frustration. Spud is unable to attend the classes as they are mainly off-lead. Spud can no longer be adequately exercised for a dog of his breed and comes home from a walk frustrated and with energy to burn.

My point is, Spud still lives under sentence. His quality of life (although I appreciate he has life) is not as it should be. On top of this he lives constantly under threat of death.

Spud has NEVER in his life, bitten or even showed aggression to any human or animal. He lives with two other dogs, one being a miniature Yorkshire terrier who is fully grown and smaller than a chihuahua!

This statement must be upheld by the authorities or his life would not have been spared. So everybody agrees that Spud is of excellent character (as are all exempted dogs)

IF Spud has to be classed as an illegal dog and I now have a criminal record, then so be it, while this law, however ineffective stands in our country. However as Spud wears a muzzle now, when we go out walking the only life in any danger is his own. Why then must he also be kept on a leash, not longer than 2 meters?

Sir, I understand that you are the Minister for Justice, you are also my local M.P. - I respect the laws right to type my family pet dog at this time, but I want the restrictions taken away from him as he has been proved of excellent character and has never committed any offence. Spud is unable to live a full life because of his restrictions. He is registered, chipped and tattooed. He also has the right to be cared for adequately to meet his needs. I would like his muzzle and/or lead restriction wavered and I need your advice and help how I can best get this done in his lifetime.

Many Thanks Sir
I look forward to hearing back from you in the near future
Yours faithfully
Beverley Dyer (Rodgers)

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