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Please shut down the Yulin dog meat Festival

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In less than a week 10.000 innocent dogs and cats will be slaughtered in honor of the annual dog meat festival in Yulin, China. Some of these animals are taken right of of the streets and stolen from their homes and the families they grew up with. They are put in small cages and loaded on trucks where they are crammed together so tightly that some die before even arriving to Yulin. The dogs and cats that do survive are kept in the same small cages for hours and hours, without food or water and without the ability to even move - because the cages are filled with as many animals as they can hold. Helpless, alone and frightened they cry out to death ears while waiting for their turn. They are dragged from their cages and beaten in the head with clubs to uncosciousness that only lasts seconds. Then they will be held down while a butcher slits their throats - or they will be boiled or skinned alive while screaming out in terrible agony until the immense suffering is enden by their death.


This is severe animal cruelty and it makes me sick to my stomack to know that this is permittet and even supported by the Chinese government. We need to put an end to the dog meat trade in China. Too many innocent animals have died already.


These innocent animals can't stand up for themselves. We need to do it for them, and we need to do it right now before it is too late.


Together we have the power to determine their fate.


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