Deadline extension on 1-year project and use of Safe Assign in plagiarism checking

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Deadline extension on 1-year project and use of Safe Assign in plagiarism checking

Dear Mr. Chales Booth,

I hope you are doing well these days,

I am a student from Vietnam International University of Ho Chi Minh city -  a partner with UWE, and on behalf of Top up class of 2017-2018, i would like to state some of our problems we are currently confront during the process of doing the 1-year project.

The first problem is about the plagiarism checker. We want to use Safe Assign on UWE Blackboard ONLY, just like students in main campus.

Usually while doing the coursework, we all use Safe Assign on UWE blackboard to check our work. This afternoon (14/3) there was an email sent to all of us by our module supporter - Miss Chau Nguyen, claimed that we will use Turnitin as our official checker as it will give "more details". However, there is inconsistency that Turnitin is used for Full Thesis checking which involves numbers and data that students can write on their own, whilst Literature review is mainly based on authors' finding from other sources, with Turnitin, many case reported to have their plagiarism rate increased much higher than on Safe Assign even though they just write term, name of topic, authors name ( from 4% on Safe Assign to 94% on Turnitin, from 6% on Safe Assign to 45% Turnitin)

Moreover, the process to submit with Turnitin is more complicated as we have to depends on the lecturers whether we want to check our work, more papers to submit ( Turnitin plagiarism results along with original work)

Link of photo taken from Safe Assign and Turnitin check of student work:

Safe Assign 

The second problem is about deadline of 1 - year project

It was not until recently we have found out that the deadline for last year was 4/4 and 21/4 respectively for Literature and Learning journal.

Link of photo taken from booklet 

The deadline  from other courses is continuously changing, leading to mental overwhelmed. In one month we have to work in  3-4 deadlines and long-term report from the courses ( MOIC 1 big deadline and long-term report for simulation,, Sustainable Business, Global Marketing and the big one - CBEP) and what really messed up is that we were having to do Global marketing and CBEP at the same time according to the previously deadlines ( 20/3 - 22/3)

All deadlines from the courses make us feel so stressful lately and some of us have confront mental breakdown. I hope that you can support us by discussing with my university.

We are very appreciate if you can change the deadline after 31/3/2018 since Global marketing deadline is 27/3/2018 ahead.

We are hoping for positive reply from you.

Thank you very much for taking time considering.

Yours sincerely students from Vietnam.