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Thank Mr. Ghosn for making Nissan a leader in zero-emission cars

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I believe most people realize that burning fossil fuels as the source of energy for commuting is not a sustainable solution. With electricity having the potential to be produced using renewable sources and produced domestically, electric cars can contribute to significantly decrease pollution and our dependence on foreign oil, while creating jobs here at home. Unfortunately, most of the improvements of automobiles in the past 100+ years have been focused on gasoline-driven cars and almost no resources have been allocated on advancing the batteries. Until recently, that is. Nissan, under the leadership of Mr. Ghosn, has taken the leap to bring to the market a truly amazing electric car mass produced. Following the introduction of Nissan Leaf, other car makers have realized the potential market for EVs and today most car companies are looking into the possibility of producing electric vehicles.
Please join me to thank Mr. Ghosn in his efforts to provide consumers with truly innovative and environmentally sustainable cars.

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