Reconsider the Taxi Subsidy Scheme Limitation

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The population of Queensland has seen a dramatic rise in people with significant life-changing disabilities in the past decade, as well as the general ageing demographic including those in retirement age who require assistance to access an alternative form of transport other than that of a private vehicle or established public transport routes where they are available. Compared to the public transport infrastructure available in other states, using public transport as a primary medium in most cases is not viable. Therefore, the Queensland Government's decision to include a limitation upon the scheme which allows people with a disability or the elderly to have affordable access to their destinations will limit and in some cases remove the independence they have maintained in their lives.


Under the current scheme, people assessed to be eligible for the TSS would be provided with a card which when presented in a taxi anywhere in the state, allowed them a subsidy of 50% off the final fare (up to a maximum of $25). With the current limitation in place, an individual who may take a taxi to and from work five days a week at the rate of $6.50 for their subsidy, would find that in a matter of six weeks, their subsidy allotment would be exhausted for the year and therefore they would be required to pay full fare, which may not be sustainable depending on the individuals income.


This limitation has been exercised in a manner which displays a casual disregard and/or ignorance for the needs of the people who utilise this scheme on a high-volume basis. If it were to be passed, the lives of countless individuals who work actively in multiple sectors of industry as well as others who require the taxi regularly to access key resources in their lives for health and well-being, social interaction and so on, would be dramatically affected for the worse.


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