Bring Back The Original Tradition of Singing Valentines to Erie High School

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      This petition is for the support of bringing back Singing Valentines to Erie High school. Singing Valentines have been taken away because of the "disturbance" they cause classes however, singing valentines have become a tradition at Erie; they have brought lots of joy and a sense of belonging to students.     Choir students get a chance to show their peers and teachers what they can do. Ninety five percent or more of the entire student body never goes to a choir concert or gets an opportunity to experience what their peers can do. Singing valentines brought that exposure to both the performers as well as the other students. As a domino affect off of peer evaluations, they created an environment to teach performers about social interaction when performing and how to have great stage presence and make sure the meaning of the music is received by the spectators. Along with this face to face performance it helps promote Choir to students who may have been hesitant to join choir in High School in the first place in fear of it being not fun or "cool"; which benefits the choir program as well as the students.        Equally as important, Singing Valentines are one of the choir's largest fundraisers and without it the program will be cut $1,800 or more; taking a huge toll out of the budget choir has to provide new music, chairs, folders, classes,etc.  This fundraiser costs the school no extra money nor work choir students take their own time to organize and make this happen.       Students sit in four hour and a half classes a day for a year; singing valentines only happen one day a year which has given teachers plenty of time to plan out their lessons with these treats in mind. Most schools such as Niwot, Fairview, and Tompson Valley take two days for these. Choir is willing to work with teachers and make a guarantee to only take up ten minuets maximum at one point during each period or even not come in a block if they need but a compromise goes both ways as well. Sports teams can take days off at a time for a competition and leave during class without a problem so our question is why is choir treated different?    Singing Valentines are a special feel-good mood booster for anyone no matter how embarrassed they may seem. The look on student's faces when they are called up to the front to be publicly serenaded in front of  their class is priceless and so is making someone's day. Choir makes it a point to sing to all the special needs students or anyone who needs a pick me up even if no one paid for it just for the sake of showing them they are important to people and they are loved. Taking away that joy from the students is unimaginable. They allow not only students and faculty to be involved but the community as well. No matter what year it is there are always those mother emails that never fail to be sent in with a payment saying they want to make sure their child is sung to and that the whole school knows it was from their mother too. Singing Valentines are a tradition at Erie and they are greater than just a few choir students.     We are asking for your signature to show your support for Singing Valentines and we also encourage you to write a letter to Mr. Buchler about all the positive things dinging valentines have done for you or the school please do not blame anyone or anything just give your reasoning to why they are important to you! Thank you so much please share with everyone and anyone you know because the more awareness and signatures we have the stronger our argument is!   

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