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Students of The Island Free School treated like adults

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On our first day, we were told that "The Island Free School is not like other schools", that we're respected as adults, and the headteacher wasn't at the top. On our first history lesson, we were told that the students were at the top of the hierarchy. While this may have just been an analogy, to make understanding easier, it has some truth.  This no longer seems like the case. Take break time, for example. You have two options: go outside, or sit in the hall. Teachers are constantly monitoring the corridors for what seems like no reason whatsoever. The 15 minute break you get before lunch, over half the week? Line up. And yet, many teachers still say "if you want to be treated like adults, behave like them". And yet, we're not treated like adults. We're not even treated like children - primary school children get a break time.

Many days, we've been told that "this equipment [iPads, laptops] is yours", and we can use it when we like. This no longer seems like the case. If I want to play a funny video at breaktime, or even just Google something, I get told to "put it away and get to your lessons".

It's time for this to change. Ironically, the older we get, the younger we seem to be treated. While this may partly be due to behaviour, no being inside at break? That doesn't seem right. So leave your opinions in the comments. A link to this petition will be sent to Mr Boyd in an email talking about this subject. Let's bring our breaks back! 

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