Don’t bulldoze Aboriginal heritage: save the Butterfly Cave

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In 2019, the Federal government recognised the deep cultural significance of the Butterfly Cave for Awabakal women. A Declaration was made under ATSIHP Act to preserve and protect the site. Now, the Roche Group is again planning housing development in place of our precious Cave. Please sign the petition to stop big corporates from breaching the Declaration.

For ten long years, we have been fighting the giant property developer to prevent them from destroying our sanctuary. We thought that securing a Federal Declaration would be enough to keep greedy developers off our cultural sites, but it is simply a minor blockage for them.

The Butterfly Cave is incredibly important to Awabakal women and the wider Aboriginal community. It is a source of spiritual and physical sustenance for us. The new housing development will breach the Declaration in a number of ways. We are furious and heartbroken. It feels like all our efforts were for nothing.

The Federal Minister for Environment is the ONLY person who has the authority to enforce the ATSIHP Declaration. Please sign the petition and ask Minister Ley to enforce the Declaration NOW.

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