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Let Canons High School Students Wear Their Coats During Break Time And Lunch Time

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Children are having their coats confiscated (and given detentions) whilst being in school even if they are in their bag.

School is supposed to keep us safe, and that also means healthy, by taking our coats away, not only does it make us very vulnerable to being sick put also puts us in great discomfort. It is still very cold in Febuary and us, the students, literally shiver during break time and lunch time, unable to actually relax and have time to enjoy (which is the whole point of break and lunch) but we can't do that because we are left to the literally freezing cold air.

Parents want a school that values our children's health, Canons High School clearly does not demonstrate this. I personally have been off school many days due to being ill and this is directly because I am forced to hand in my coat (something that is listed as appropriate school wear in the student planners). 

To make things worse, the coats are being confiscated by the school which is totally against "Guidance to searching, screening and confiscation at school", a guide created by the department of education, as it clearly states "They can also seize any item, they consider harmful or detrimental to school discipline.", wearing a coat when it is cold is does not fall into this description.

Also please note that is petition is also to allow students to wear their coats indoors during lunch and break as it is ridiculous to make them take their coats off just to travel 20 seconds to get back outside. Their is no sense in this and just disrupts the student's time as well as the teacher's time.

Students are also being made to stay after school for an extra 20 minutes causing them to miss buses and trains, worrying their families.

Please Mr.Bartle, as a father yourself you should understand how important it is for children to stay warm during cold days, so think about your other 1000 children that look up to you in school, they want to stay warm and healthy too. 

Please, please don't take this the wrong way, we just want to express our concerns and show to you how important this is to us and our health. We value you as a headteacher and we also know that you value us, your students, so you will make the right decision. It's in your hands.

Thank you.


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