We want to save Asia's first paper mill i.e NEPA LIMITED,which served nation for decades.

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NEPA LIMITED NEPANAGAR ,this is the Asia's first paper mill inaugrated by pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 26 April 1956.The installed capacity of this plant is 30,000 TPA. Nepa limited served our nation when our country was in need of financial support for the growth of our country.Nepanagar and nearby villages are dependent on this mill.Nepanagar was established just because of this plant.people from all over the country of different caste and religion came here to be the part of this mill.Earlier their was a contract that 40% of the paper is must to be purchased from Nepa Limited to all the newspaper but since after the globalization in 1992 when the market was open to all the company suffered a continious downfall as the technology was not upgraded with time and paper was available at lower price in international market.All the employess and people of nepanagar has gone through critical condition as salary reamained pending for months ,still people somehow kept their faith restored in this plant.

The government has given a revival package to the plant for upgradation of machines ,power house and insatallation of deinking plant.Deinking plant enables the factory to manufacture writting paper along with the news print paper. This project was of 285 cr which the govt has sanctioned out of which 157 cr was alloted to plant from central govt and rest has to be taken in the form of loan.Machines were brought and the work started in its full speed.But the money which was to be taken as loan delayed due to some technical reasons which resulted in the form of increased project cost .

At present the work of renewation is stopped due to lack of funds.Machines reached the planned but are not yet installed due to increased cost of plant .Both the machines are disassembled and production is hindered.The employees of this mill are not getting regular salary which has adversly affected the market and nearby villages as this is main source of income.people are facing so many problem due to lack of money.

At present the price of newsprint paper is at hike because govt mills are at the verge of to be closed hence private players are taking advantage of it . Our country has to import the news print paper due to shortage of supply in country.

If the funds which are required for the completion of this project is alloted as quick as possible ,this plant will again start helping our nation to save foreign currency and boost the economic growth of our country.This petition is for the existence of NEPA LIMITED and thousands of people who are dependent on it.It will also help our country for its economic development.